Dec 29, 2011

Day 363, New Year


  • Shoes were awesome.
  • Tiffany was a great motivator and fun to run with (as much fun as I can have running..)
  • It was cold but there was no wind.
  • Legs held out for 4.75 km - no hamstring or knee issues.
  • Loved the Garmin.

  • My breathing made it really hard to get any kind of rhythym.
  • This was my first experience in the cold - the cold air was brutal.
  • It was a little icy and I was scared to death of slipping and reinjuring my tailbone.
  • I couldn't run more than 5 min at a time and I only did that 2 times I think so I walked way more than I wanted to.
I am not sure I will be able to keep up my running over the winter, I may have to do another running clinic/program in the Spring to get back up to 5k.  I am worried about the Resolution Run and I think I am going to have to walk most, if not all, of it - even more so because it will be dark and I will not be able to see the ice, if there is any.

I'm trying to stay positive and just look at it as a point in time and that it will get better again.


  1. Hi Enz! It's Kimberley! I have a new blog...come on over and say hi.

    Running in the dark seems scary to me...just walking out to the car tonight made me nervous.

    I am sure you will rock it...walking or running!

  2. WOw - that's hard core!
    BE careful out there!

  3. Are you off FB?

  4. Even walking the Resolution Run is an achievement. When I did the half marathon clinic with running room it was February so loads of cold and dark. That's where layers and light reflective clothing plus a group of people were especially helpful.

    Did you do the treadmill today?