Aug 1, 2012

Day 30- Whole 30 - Last Day

Today is a bit anti-climactic. I woke up exhausted and just not feeling "well". I checked my blood sugar and it was 3.0, which is very low. I'm going to get all my bloodwork done next week to make sure my diabetes meds are still at the right level for me now that I am not eating any sugar or wheat (both sugar-rising foods). I know if I change the meds I have to commit to this way of eating otherwise my blood sugar and diabetes symptoms will worsen again.

I meant today's post to be lighthearted  and celebratory but I am just not feeling that today :( I think that's all the more reason to stick with mostly Whole30-compliant eating.

I know stress is a huge factor in how our digestive systems work so I am doing my best to keep eating healthy and to exercise every day to minimize the downsides of stress. I feel like today the full emotional weight of the last 6 months culminated and crashed down on me. I keep thinking I'm coping, but today, I clearly couldn't. Already not feeling well and then this avalanche of emotions made for a really bad day.

But..tomorrow is another day, right?

Breakfast: whey protein powder, water, coconut milk (last of the reg coconut milk - its way too rich for my taste), spinach

Lunch:  I had another shake and some cantaloupe that was already cut up in the fridge and some leftover green bean salad - I just couldn't face cooking a meal.

Dinner: green bean salad; grilled chicken; mashed sweet potato with clarified butter

Day 30 done. Not a great note to end the challenge on - life goes on.


  1. Ah, sorry to hear it was a crappy day. The Whole30 helps with many things (including coping skills) but at the end of the day it doesn't change that sometimes stuff just sucks!!! I hope you can take at least a couple of minutes to feel SUPER PROUD of what you accomplished this month though! I of all people know how hard this can be!! You did a really awesome thing for yourself and I'm really proud of you. xoxox