Jan 24, 2013

One day at a time

Thank you so much for your well wishes on yesterday's post.

I have to say that I have a new found respect for people with chronic illness who deal with pain everyday.

At least I have the comfort of knowing that eventually the pain from the shingles will go away  and I just need to hang in there and push through each  day.

Today, I woke up  in the worst pain yet and every movement hurt. Brushing my teeth hurt, lifting my arms to put my tee shirt on hurt, leaning over to put my socks on hurt. It was a rough, rough day.

Thankfully, Liam is mostly self sufficient, but I don't think he 'gets' how painful this is for me and he is not used to seeing me like this.  The last time I was completely incapacitated was when I broke my tailbone in 2005, and I don't think he remembers that.  Anyway, we muddled along today and I got him to do the vacuuming, take out the recycling and garbage and tidy up a little.  I still have lots of laundry to do and since I need to take it to the laundry across the street (down three flights of stairs and then through the courtyard and across the street), it won't be happening until this pain has become more bearable. Right now I don't even think I could lift the laundry hamper, let alone carry it that far.

On the one hand, this is coldest week of the Winter (so far) with unusually low temperatures, so it isn't a bad week to not have to spend 4 hours a day commuting.

I got a surprise email from an old friend today and his email and the pain meds and the pain made me a blubbering mess. Funny how sometimes things just "get to you", you know? I'm ok though and it wasn't anything to be upset about anyway, it was more sentimentality and nostalgia that upset me than the email itself.

I'm rambling - I'm going to blame it on the pain meds!

I did register for the 10k in May and have joined a team that is fundraising for the Crohns and Colitis foundation in Canada.  I would love to reach my goal of $100, so if any of you out there want to contribute, no matter how much or little, please do so! Here's the link to my fundraising page.

Fundraising Page

I'm still going to register for the Chocolate Race (and I'll figure out how to get there at some point) and also the Round the Bay 5k in Hamilton as well.

I am optimistically hopeful that I can start running again  next week.


  1. Here's hoping it won't be long before you're your old self. Our rain has stopped, but while you're having your coldest winter week so far, we are now having our hottest week of summer so far. Go figure.

  2. Good luck. I'm excited to learn about the chocolate run, do they give you chocolate breaks? ;)

  3. My mother had shingles and described it the same way. I hope you feel better soon! You certainly have a good attitude.

    :-) Marion

  4. I thought the same thing. You really gain a perspective on people with problems like "chronic pain". I don't know what stage your at, but I felt like the pain subsided considerably after the blisters started to disappear... sending you good thoughts!

  5. So sorry to read you are unwell Chick. I hope the shingles settle down real fast. Do you have any idea why you got shingles?

  6. Oh gosh I hope you feel better soon! You've such a good attitude about, must be terrible to have chronic pain and at least there will be an end to yours.

    Those races all sound wonderful! One day I'm going to do a chocolate run!!!

  7. Oh Enz, I really do feel for you.
    I remember when my aunt had shingles and described it as one of the worst phases of her life.
    Take care, treat yourself gently and get well soon.