Feb 7, 2014

Well it's a new year.

I haven't been blogging just because I haven't had anything to say really. Winter is always very hard on me, the darkness, the cold...and this year even more so because it is extremely cold this year compared to the last few years and being outside for even 15-20 minutes when its -20C triggers a fibro flare up that puts me in pain all of the next day, so there are time I'm a bit reclusive. Add to that, that there is nothing 'new' in my life to write about.....and well here it is, a new year.

That's not to say all is bad. Except for not having a job, life is going well. This job search is taking far longer than I comfortable with and although I know December/January are not great job hunting months, my benefits don't get extended an extra two months just because there were so few job postings for those two months!

Health wise, I am doing ok. I'm sitting about 215 lbs which is a gain from where I was before I became very ill with the first fibro flare up just over a year ago, but it is coming down from my highest last Winter when I went from very active to a couch potato almost overnight.

Since the cold is keeping me inside, I'm walking up and down the stairs in my apartment building for about 20 min each day and when it is warm enough, I walk outside for 30-60 min.  Food wise, I am still avoiding processed foods unless I am served them at someone's home and then I eat one or two mouthfuls to be polite and focus on the vegetables and proteins.

I am still in love with my FitBit but forget to wear it a lot of days as I've gotten out of the habit. I'm using MFP to log calories and I am weighing in at the Diabetes Clinic once a week to give me some kind of accountability and keep me motivated since I can't afford WW whilst unemployed.  Thankfully, my diabetes has remained controlled and there are no worries there.

I'm not sure what I want this blog to be anymore - I don't feel like writing about losing weight, when clearly - this is not my forte!  That doesn't mean I am settling where I am or am accepting this weight, it just means, I think I've said anything I (or anyone else) could ever say about this process and there's nothing new.

For now, I think I'll use it as a log like I did in the very beginning.

I have still been reading all your posts although I don't comment much and I know some of you keep up with me on FaceBook, which is awesome to see you doing so well ! I have to give a shout out to my Blogging and FB buddy, Cowgirl Warrior who never, ever ceases to inspire me with her positive attitude and her refusal to do anything but her best. Reading your posts brightens my day and gives me so much encouragement.


  1. So good to hear from you Enz! I think this crazy winter is getting to all of us. Take care!

  2. I know what you mean about wondering if there is anything new out there...There might not be anything new out there but we can learn from one another's journey. I need some sun too! Or a snow day from school! LOL This horrible winter has netted 0 snow days in Niagara!

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  4. Ah shucks, thank you for that. It means a lot to me. You will figure it out my friend. One step at a time.

  5. Nice to see a post from you! I can't wait for this weather to be over...-25 tonight. Boooooo!!! Hope you find a new job soon!

  6. Hi Enz
    Great to see you back (and whatever you decide YOU want this blog to be is what it should be). Also glad to hear the diabetes is under control, that the fibro is 'sort of' behaving itself (other than when the cold gets to you!) and that you sound so committed to looking after yourself. Hope the job situation will resolve soon - good luck with the searching. Thanks for your kind comment when I was so down - it really helps to know someone is thinking of me when it gets like that.