Jul 29, 2016

Freakin' Friday- Finally

So I did make it through yesterday without giving into mindless carbs or junk food and I did get to leave right at 3:30 and was home by 5.  I can't believe I used to commute farther than that for so long, I am definitely spoiled now, just being 10 min from work!

Anyway, the healthy dinner went out the window as I took my son and his friends to "Hutch's" which is a diner at the waterfront. They are famous for their fish and chips, so I picked up a small order and brought it home for dinner. Of course, it was delicious.   My blood sugar was at a good level 2 hours after eating so although it wasn't healthy, it didn't negatively affect my blood sugar - because there was no sugar or wheat !! (I took the batter off the fish). Potatoes and other grains do not affect my blood sugar the same way processed sugar and wheat do - those two are the worst and put them together and it is a disaster.

Today is my last day working away from my office and I am glad. It will be another long day - not out of here until 5 - hope to be home by 6, but it is the start of a three day weekend so I am looking forward to the R & R. I have to get groceries and meal plan/prep this weekend as both my fridge and pantry are down to bare bones.  I let it get really low every few months so I can clean out the cupboards and fridge and freezer and use up the stuff that gets pushed to the back.

My son is working tonight so I'm not sure what I'll do for dinner, I tend to not cook when he's working and just have a protein shake or throw together a salad or some kind of stir fry.  But then I do cook for him when he gets home, although it's later than I like to eat so it's usually just for him.

I am rambling. Not much to say today, I guess. Mostly just want to keep the habit of blogging daily.

Later: So I ended up leaving at lunch to get some fresh air and pick up a few groceries for tonight's dinner until I can do the big grocery shop tomorrow at the vegetable market and grocery store.  I picked up a BLT wrap from Metro and some grapes for lunch. I ate half the wrap and about half the grapes (I tore off the folded over part of the tortilla wrap - so much bread, so ended up eating about 1/4 of the tortilla in total.  I'll eat the rest around 4:00 before I go home if my blood sugar gets too low to see me through til dinner time.

Tonight's dinner is stirfry with lots of vegetables, beef and cilantro/lime rice. The rice is more for Liam but I will have probably half a cup.

No other plans for tonight.  Relax, finish the book I've been trying to read for weeks; catch up on some laundry and meal plan for next week so I can do some prep and cooking on Sunday for the upcoming week.  I am hoping this will help Liam too so he will stop buying crappy takeout when I'm not home to cook - saving both his health and his money!  

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