Nov 10, 2016

Week 8 Weigh In

What's new this week?

I joined the Y.

We used to belong as a family when our boys were little; they did swimming/karate/summer camps/basketball....the list is long. I did Aquafit and used the treadmill and Den used to swim and do Tai Chi and karate.  The Y is a great community for families and I love the inclusiveness.

As single person, the fees are much more than one of the chain gyms but I do like the no-pressure to buy personal training sessions or "health" supplements and I like that all sizes, shapes and ages can be found there at all times.

I have not been to the Y in a good 5-6 years so I don't think there are words to express my happiness at discovering that every treadmill has an individual TV with cable!  And a fan!   It was like the cherry on my sundae when I saw that. I was so thrilled. Last night I walked for an hour watching Criminal Minds while the fan blew on me :)  How much better than that can it get?

I'm going to be mostly using the treadmill as we go into Winter to keep up with my hour a day of walking and will try and get back into Aquafit if I can conjure up courage to be seen in public in a bathing suit!  I have ordered a tankini top and board shorts from Sears so if they fit - I promise to give it a go!

I have heard a lot of friends extolling the praises of Zumba and this Y offers Zumba and AquaZumba so I might try those out too. 

Although work and my classes keep me busy, I do find I have a lot of time on my hands now that Iain has left home and Liam works.  So hopefully this will be a productive way to fill it!

It has been a good week since last weigh-in and I am still feeling positive about WW and sticking to it. Don't get me wrong, there are some days I really want to say F-It-All but I haven't actually said yet!  I had a moderate fibromyalgia flare up this past week that lasted three days and all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch with a hot water bottle and sleep, but I got up, went work, made my meals and got my steps in. Was I miserable? Yep.  But it's over now and it wasn't THAT hard. It's always harder to think about doing something you don't want to do than just doing it.  Those are my words of wisdom for today. Use them as you will!


  1. Wow - You Are doing so great... I'm a little jealous by your losses - mine are so slow .... Keep it up - and enjoy the Y!

    1. No need! I am not bad at losing - to a point - then I stall and give up :( Determined to get through it this time. I have better support and a better plan:)

  2. Congrats on joining the Y - enjoy!

  3. You are going great guns Enz. Well done you!
    Oooh, aquazumba sounds like fun. Keep us posted, and thanks for your comment about my friend. Sad indeed, but I did know it was coming - just not so fast.