Jan 3, 2017

Catch Up

Phew. Where has the time gone?

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. The week before Christmas was crazy busy at work and I worked late quite a few evenings then had to rush around getting personal stuff done as well. There's been quite a bit of family drama and stress over the holidays (more than the usual!) which contributed to lack of sleep because of worrying about other people and their situations when I can't actually control any of that stuff.  The stress, the odd eating hours and the lack of sleep culminated in a fibromyalgia flare up that started on Christmas Eve and was full tilt by Boxing Day and although, to a lesser degree, is still with me so both my emotional mood and my physical state are not in a great place, but it will get better :)

So I managed to keep my 11,000 step streak right up until December 24 then it all fell apart. The flare up was only part of the reason, the other part was that I took my fitbit off to wash dishes at my sister's hotel and then left it there for almost a week.  I did do some walking but am pretty sure it was nowhere near 11,000 steps and it wasn't recorded anywhere.  I am going to start back at the Y on Friday. I'm hoping that now I am back to work and in a routine for the next few days, I will sleep better and some of the pain will subside and my energy will return. It really is just time and patience when this happens.

In weight loss news, I weighed myself a few times over the holidays but never on my official weigh in day.  I was up and down 2-3 lbs each time so I'll wait until Thursday of this week (my normal weigh in day) and see what damage the holidays caused.  I won't hit Onederland as I wanted, and although disappointing, I know I will get there in a few weeks .... patience grasshopper!  I didn't put in the effort needed to get there the last few weeks and I knew that.

So I'll be back Thursday with my regular weigh in post.

Happy New Year :) and thank you for checking in on me!

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  1. No worries and Happy New Year! I know how awful it is to forget your FITBIT! I am totally obsessed with mine and attribute so much of my activity to the daily goals I set for myself... Once you get back at it, you'll start a new streak! And weight loss will resume too! Just look at how far you've come... any little gain will be a blip a few weeks from now!!!