Mar 1, 2017

February Recap

Well February really sucked in my little world.

I am still battling these ongoing health issues since mid-January.  I was in Urgent Care last week and was tested for a whole battalion of stuff. Good thing is they couldn't find anything - bad thing is they couldn't find anything.

That doesn't change the fact that I am in pain, absolutely exhausted and nauseated all the time.  The pain is specific, it's not generalized fibro pain although that's how this whole episode started.

My family doctor is awesome and is referring me to a general surgeon he went to school with so I can get in a lot faster than normal.  Keeping my fingers crossed for some answers sooner rather than later.

I purposely did not weigh in last week because I was bloated and taking pain meds and knew my head could not deal with a false gain....or a false loss because I had only been on liquids for 3 days.

I will weigh in tomorrow on my regular day.  

I am sure this is contributing to my lackluster progress in February but I am tracking everything, keeping within my points (except for those days where eating is too painful and I am on liquids) and sticking to very little processed food.

I have not been walking nearly as much as I had been because the pain is truly exhausting. By 7 p.m. I am wiped and I am trying to limit pain meds to the times I need it to catch up on sleep.  They also make me a little spacey so I can't take them if I am work or going to drive.

In really good news - all my bloodwork for diabetes and high cholesterol came back with all 'normal' ranges.  My A1C was 5.8 which is in the non-diabetic range and two weeks ago we cut out one diabetic medication completely.  We also lowered my thyroid medication significantly.  Cholesterol was in the normal range for the first time in about 10 years.  I only started iron about 3 weeks ago so it's too soon to tell if its made a significant difference, we'll test it again in a few months.

With all this good stuff....I should feel great, no?

No. Apparently not.

Welcome March!!!  Let's hope its a better one!

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  1. Your symptoms sound horrible, I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad. Especially when you should be feeling good because of the improved bloodwork. Really hope your next appointment is more fruitful. Have you tried fasting at all? This isn't an informed suggestion as I find fasting really difficult myself (and am not a medical authority) but I keep reading people saying that fasting allows their body to kick off healing and recovery, and it sounds like you probably aren't able to enjoy your food at the moment anyway...