Feb 14, 2010

Day 36 - The Beck Diet Solution

Day 36 marks the beginning of the end of the book, but not the end of the journey. I have made many of her suggestions and techniques part of my daily life and conciousness now that I think they will be with me for a long time to come.

The exercise for Day 36 is to create a response card to list all the new things you 've learned or changed about yourself and your habits,  that are making you successful.

So my response card says:

  1. I know that eating sitting down and mindfully eating help me to keep track of what I'm putting into my body.
  2. I know that when I plan for meals away from home, I am more successful and less likely to overeat.
  3. I know that reading my reasons for wanting to lose weight every morning, keeps them top of mind and helps me stay focused on my goals.
  4. I know I won't always be perfect, but I know how to pick myself up and start again at the very next meal.
  5. I have strategies for dealing with people who push food on me and have learned to say "No thank you" to food I don't need or want.
  6. I have learned that unplanned eating doesn't have to derail me for days or weeks and I've learned how to put it into perspective.
  7. I've learned how the scale is not the only true measure of success; and I actually believe it now.
  8. I am still learning how to manage emotional eating, but I have been practising the new strategies I learned.
  9. I am still getting into the habit of giving myself credit every day, but I am doing it more days than not and I keep working towards doing it EVERY day.
  10. I've learned that I control my reactions to food around me and I can control my environment to some extent, but at the end of the day, controlling me is the better solution.
I've added these to my iPod with the others and will read them every day as well.


  1. You learned a lot. Thanks for teaching us along the way Enz!

  2. Thank you so much for breaking this down to us over the last month or two.

    I learned a lot from it.


  3. Congratulations on sticking with it and finishing with a bang! I like #4 and #6 a lot. I don't know how many times in the past I went off track because of a few meals where I overate.

  4. i was trying to blog the beck diet and only got to day 9 i think - you are doing great - i will have to read through your beck blogs :)