May 19, 2010

Rambling along....

Still going along day by day...still not consuming sugar or artificial sweeteners the way I used to. I use Splenda in coffee because I can't drink coffee without sweetening it...I guess the next step would be to cut out coffee but I do really like the taste and I only have 1-2 cups a day so that's not high on my priority list right now.

I've been walking every day but not as hard core as I was and I not always wearing my shoes with the sensor  so it's not updating my mini, but I am exercising - don't worry.

I've got a lot going on in my life right now, on all fronts, so I'm trying to not lose my focus on the eating well aspect. I'm actually no longer tracking/counting anything or even writing it down. I wake up, have breakfast, eat lunch when I'm hungry, stop before I'm full and same with dinner. If I find I'm having a long day or need a snack I have one. It's wierd - there's no obsession, no feeling that I think about food 100% of the time the way I used to.  I like this feeling and I hope it lasts. I know I have other pressing issues in my head and something had to give so it looks like the food/weight loss obsession is what my mind decided it would stop focusing on....I'm not sure.  Our bodies are wierd things aren't they?

I see my endocrinologist at the end of June so I will be getting my blood work done soon and it will be interesting to see the results of the this six month period.

This whole post is nothing but a ramble about nothing at all - sigh....told you some days I just don't know what to say!!!


  1. cut out coffee Enz, that's just crazy talk girl :-)
    Sounds to me like you are doing great and at the end of the day if you can not track and be happy with your food choices and listening to your hunger cues, girl that is success to me! WTG!

  2. Your doing great! Have you tried Agave?

  3. I could never ever ever cut out coffee! Good luck with your bloodwork. It will be great seeing the impact your weight loss has had on the numbers.


  4. I love how you're eating!!!!

    Do you know that I never started drinking coffee until this year, until I started losing weight? Isn't that weird!?!?!?

  5. I know I'm relieved not be to listing every item of food I eat on the blog anymore! It was more or less just a way to get some accountability started.

  6. It still sounds like you're doing a great job! If you need some help with the sugar, here are 3 Ways to Reduce Sugar Cravings. Keep up the good work!