May 8, 2010

Saturday night and it's all right

I had a good day.

I didn't get any exercise in, unless you count shopping as exercise :)

I have some big changes coming up in my life in the next few months and today I took a mental break from all of that and just played at being a girl :) I tried on tons of new clothes - and bought a few - a beautiful, sexy, body skimming red summer dress that I cannot wait to wear, a new suit for interviews (the one I bought a few months ago is now too big, although I have not actually lost any weight), a tank type blouse to go under it, a black and a white shrug as last summers are falling off my shoulders.

What I really, really need are new bras, but I seem to be in between sizes...I tried on 3-4 different brands and styles and it was the same each time. 38C is too big in the cup and 38B has me overflowing. Hopefully a few more pounds and I will be able to fix that situation. I love buying new underwear - are you with me ladies - doesn't it feel so pretty and feminine to have pretty underthings that match? No matter where I go or what I am doing 2 things are true about toenails are always manicured and painted and my underwear always matches. Even those that are basic, they match. Imagine if I was hit by a car and had to go to the hospital and my bra and panties didn't match??? The horror of it.

Speaking of pretty underwear, we were having a discussion at work the other day with two guys who work in our trailer, one is 21 the other is 45. There consensus is they don't care what the underwear looks like, why do we even bother with it? Seriously, I know I have a few guy y'all not appreciate pretty underthings on your women?

Shopping today was actually alot of fun as the suit and two blouses and the dress I bought were from the regular side of the store - albeit the largest sizes XL and XXL but no plus sizes and the suit is a regular 18 not 18W. This is the first time I've shopped from the "normal" side. I have to admit I did feel a bit of a fraud picking up stuff to try on at first and kept expecting my favourite saleslady (I go to the same places alot) to remind me I was on the wrong side of the store.

Lunch was at Red Robin - a gourmet burger place and I had my usual blackened chicken, I could only eat half and was full and I had two fries. 2 years ago, I would eat the whole sandwich and the whole basket of fries and half of another basket and still have "room" for dessert. I have definitely learned to listen to my body's fullness cues.

I bought new makeup and nail polish and tomorrow will get the colour on my toes changed.

All in all, today was about celebrating where I am at this moment in my life and just revelling in it instead of wanting to be somewhere else.


  1. You should try going down a band size, sometimes that helps. Like try a 36c. Sounds Impossible but it sometimes makes a difference.

  2. That sounds like a healthy place to be Enz!

    Hey, I didn't know that Red Robin was in Canada? Is it in Mississauga? We love going in the States because of their fancy non-alcoholic drinks for the kids.

  3. Thanks Andrea, I'll try that :)

    Dawne, I know there is a Red Robin in Vancouver...but I was in Buffalo today!

  4. I was also going to suggest changing the band size... :o) Smaller cup, larger band or larger cup, smaller band.

  5. Hey Enz!

    After you previously posted that you were running out of steam on the W/L blogging, here you post a gem! So glad you had the positive shopping experience, and I hope you have many occasions to wear both the red dress and the suit.

  6. Awesome post! I agree with changing the band, have you ever been professionally fitted for a bra? I know La Senza does it and I think pretty much all bra stores do.

  7. You need to go to Secrets from Your Sister in Toronto - there are two locations, one at Bloor/Bathurst and one at Yonge/Eglinton. They are pricey, but worth it. They fit you each time you go in and they won't let you buy a bra unless it fits CORRECTLY. I'm seriously addicted to the place and it's the only way I will buy a bra now.

    It was really nice to meet you at the blogger meetup on Saturday (I was the late one, sorry about that again).