Jul 7, 2010

Where am I?

Hanging in, still.

Taking one day at a time. Life is full of challenges right now and I'm trying to deal with them head on and it's not always pretty! Some days are not so good, some are amazing...and most are just dealing with the every day stuff, you know?

I did join the gym at my workplace today and will start tomorrow. I'm hoping that just having it here and having people to go with will jump start my motivation. Of course I get to do the lovely Fitness Assessment where they get to tell me how much weight I need to lose and how to do it...I'll keep you posted on that one.

In terms of eating, I'm not doing so great. I am not overeating in terms of volume of food, but I am not eating healthy, or I am - but very rarely.  I think I may have wandered towards the produce aisle about a week ago but then got scared and ran away. I think the carrots were going to chase me but they tripped over the bags of potatoes piled on the skids.

In other areas of my life, I'm just trying to be organized and sort stuff out. I found an amazing apartment but I am waiting to hear if we got it - hopefully by Friday, that would be a great way to start the weekend. There is alot to do in terms of packing and sorting and purging that should keep me distracted for the next few weeks.

It's been way, way hot in the GTA this week and we don't have A/C so sleeping has been even more problematic than usual and I am feeling my nerves on edge and my stress level escalate every night that I don't sleep enough.

My new job is great - I'm really happy in it.

Mostly I feel like my life is in limbo and won't really "start" until we're in our own place in September.


  1. Good to hear from you. I hope you'll get the apartment.

    Sleeping when it's hot it's terrible. We don't have A/C either and usually it's not that hot except for last week so I've bought a fan for if that happens again.

    Have fun at your workout tomorrow.

  2. I am in limboland myself but for different reasons but I know that "holding pattern" feeling all too well. Hoping for a peaceful heart for you.

    Keeping fingers crossed that you get the apt.!

  3. Good news on the gym membership- It usually works in your favour and stops the food misbehaviour I've found in the past. Can't wait to read the gym journals...

  4. Hope you got the apartment-can't wait to hear how the gym went~

  5. Hey Enz! I'm back! Sorry to hear you're not doing so great, but I'm glad that you like your new job! I'm back on my blog now, so I hope to read more from you soon! :)