Sep 29, 2010

Winner and Wireless Issues

The winner of the The Decaf Diet book is Marisa !! Please send me your info and I'll get it in the mail to you.

Last night, our wireless router died - we've had it about 10 years so I guess I can't complain - but we had no network cable so that meant no internet so I couldn't blog. I did have a post saved to upload today but somehow Live Writer ate it or hid it or something.  And this morning I am not feeling particularly clever or this is it folks.

I am not feeling well today, emotionally, mentally or physically and really - am not caring about much today.  I will get over it - tomorrow is a new day, right?

Hope you are all having an awesome day and doing something good for you. Hugs.


  1. Yes tomorrow is a new day and if it is anything like today was I say we both jump in your car and drive until we are out of gas, and that is where we will start anew. Chin up lovey we will both survive despite ourselves. Or some shit like that. Still have not figured out how to change my blog!!!

  2. Not going to start a new blog just going to start using my old one again. To tired tonight. It is Just Plain Chronic at livejournal