Sep 30, 2010


Hey 100 followers!!! That's pretty cool, don't ya think?

What can I say about today? It was a new day. Was I productive? In some ways.

I am going to be off work til November 1 due to some health issues so I would like will use this time to refocus on me, my health, my weight loss efforts, my mindset and my determination. 

Tomorrow is not Day 1. To say tomorrow is Day 1 discounts all the last year and half that I have worked so hard and I refuse to do that.  Sure....I am nowhere near as far along as I wanted to be at this point - but I am still over 30lbs down from my starting point. Never have I lost weight and kept it off this long before.  Sure, it's not enough weight, but it is a huge change from the losing/gaining cycle I was trapped in before.

Melissa - you keep me going every day girl...hang in there.


  1. 30 pounds is A LOT of weight!!!!

  2. Yah to keeping it off that is afterall half the battle~

  3. Breaking the cycle of thought is what it's all about!

  4. Hope everything is as okay as they can be.