Jan 5, 2011

Day 5 – New Year

And the scale said…….3.6 lbs down.

That’s from last Wednesday and week 1 on the new Weight Watchers Plan.

What did I actually do different this week than I had been doing?

The plan is good, let’s be honest, most weight loss plans work if you follow them, its the sticking to them and living with them for the rest of my life that’s the problem. This plan isn’t teaching me anything I don’t know. I know how to eat, I know all about the right portions, I know what foods to limit or avoid and I know how to cook.  The plan is helping put what I know into action by giving me some structure.

Structure is what I was missing for the last several months. Tracking and being conscious of what and how much I eat works for me every time.

Week 2 starts tomorrow and I know I have my GTA bloggers to encourage and support me, along with all of you as well.


  1. GO YOU!!!!

    I am so proud of you Enz!!!!!

    How completely awesome.

  2. YAYYYYYYYY!! I knew you could do it. It's exactly the motivation that'll help you keep going.

  3. Yay, great loss! Way to go :)

    Structure is definitely key for me too.

  4. Hi I came across your blog looking to be reassured I'm not alone, loved reading your blog ...well done


  5. Way to start off the new year Enz!!!! Impressive!

  6. Yay!!
    Those pesky scales.... up, down, all around.
    *sigh* Keep doing what you know it right!
    And enjoy the progress!
    Forgive me if I've asked before....
    What is GTA? Greater Toronto Area?
    I forget.