Jan 2, 2012

Life Goes Back to Normal

Holidays are over. Life, real life, resumes tomorrow. I’ve had 9 days off and it was wonderful. It’s the most time I’ve had off with nothing to do in a very long time and I enjoyed it. I went to the gym, ran outside a couple of times, cooked, ate, cleaned, celebrated, watched TV and movies, hung out with my boys and with my friends – it was really nice and over all too soon.

Today is all about prepping so I can have a great week to lose the overindulgence bloat from the last two weeks and get back on to downward trenz in weight loss.

Groceries, food prep, meal planning and laundry and general tidying up were all done today. The boys are still off school for another week so I want to be able to come home from work and enjoy the time with them.

I’m also going to try something new for me. I’m going to pack my gym bag the night before and leave it in my car so when I get off the train after work I can go straight to the gym (which is on my way home), do a 30 min workout, either cardio or weights, then head home. I know once I get home after work and its cold and dark outside, I won’t want to go back out and will fight with myself and find a million excuses not to. I’m hoping this will help. I’ll keep you posted. I’m planning to do it on Tuesdays and Thursday which are my regular workout nights as well as Fridays.

What’s your opinion on Personal Training sessions? Of course, since having joined the gym, they are pushing personal training and although I can see the merit in it – I did two sessions with a PT who I really liked and the time flew by plus he pushed me to do things I wouldn’t have done on my own. I am not sure I can fit it into my budget, but I wanted to get some opinions on it first. So chime in, tell me your experiences.

Wednesday nights I’m going to back to my Weight Watchers meeting. Although I like Saturdays, it is always so crowded and it will be more so the first few weeks of the New Year and I really like the Wednesday night leader. Wednesday will also be my first official weigh-in in a month so that will be interesting! Whatever it is, its just a number along my path.

Oh..and the new series of Biggest Loser starts tomorrow night – it’s my only television trash and I’m not ashamed to admit it Smile

So here’s my plan. I find I do so much better when I have a plan to stick to. If I can control Monday – Friday, I find I do so much better on the weekend when I have no real routine and I don’t plan meals most of the time. Monday isn’t filled in for this week as my week this week starts on Tuesday.

Bfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Other
T Protein Shake Ham sandwich, salad greens w/oo and lj homemade turkey/veg soup and pita crisps banana
30 min run
W Protein Shake Cobb salad with oo/lj Pita pizza yogurt
WW Mtg
Weigh In
T Protein Shake Ham sandwich
Roasted vegetables and pork loin apple
cheese string
30 min run
F Protein Shake turkey/veg soup
cheese string
Pasta with roasted veg and chicken apple
30 min elliptical and weights
S Protein Shake meat loaf and mashed potatoes 30 min run
S Protein Shake roast beef and vegetables 30 min ellipitcal and weights


  1. Man what an organized little way you have of doing things. I cant for the life of me follow suit so I'm always in awe of those who can/do! As for your comment, thanks for reminding me that I didnt link up to the challenge page (oops) but the Spring Chicks are at http://realchicksgettingfit.blogspot.com/

  2. Wow what a detailed plan! You'll kick butt for certain! :)