Jan 22, 2012

Of boxing gloves and stairs, pulled beef, races and many other things….

Mid week check in for me for the Spring Chick Challenge. My scale is showing a slight drop since last Wednesday so that is always nice to see. I know that scale has a mind of its own though, so it just means to keep doing what I’m doing and not slack off.
Eating has been good except for a minor run in with a box of Junior Mints (sugar!!). I counted it, tracked it and moved on. It fits into my weekly points  and surprisingly, didn’t start a huge sugar craving fit. That was Thursday night and since then I’ve been back on track and have had no more sugar.
Lunches planned for this week are pulled beef (sirloin tip) and homemade coleslaw wrapped in a Weight Watchers tortilla, with an apple or yogurt on the side. I cooked the beef in the slow cooker on low for 6  hours and it just melts in my mouth. I made a spice rub of cumin, chili powder, chili flakes, ground garlic, salt, pepper and onion powder and marinated it overnight in the fridge, then put it in on a bed of sliced red and white onions in the slow cooker. Delicious!!! I am not a big meat eater, especially beef, but it IS really, really tender and flavourful when cooked this way.
I’ve been managing to fit in activity here and there.  My week goes Thursday to Wednesday.  Thursday night I came home, made dinner, didn’t even eat dinner, then crashed. I was very tired and needed the sleep. Friday night I went to the gym to talk prices for personal training and getting a full membership. I’m still on the fence with it so no decisions have been made.
  • Saturday – 30 min box fit class and 30 min elliptical
  • Sunday – Walked about 20 minutes or so with Leigh and then Liam I just walked from the apartment to the Wentworth stairs, down to the road (half the stairs) back up and then home, its just over 2km round trip. It is hard work walking on snow/ice. The stairs were wet but not icy so they weren't so bad. I found it so much easier this time than I did the last time I did them back in the early summer. So that was another 35 min of activity.
The boxfit class was fun, it was a short class as it was a 30 min free demo with my membership at the gym, but he said it was pretty much what they do every class, just shorter amount of reps. I now know what the “numbers” mean! I thought it would require more coordination and I would feel clumsy but I didn’t. It is a lot more cardio than I thought it would be. When I was standing outside the boxing studio waiting for my session to start, I was watching all these incredibly fit (and skinny) people do lunges, jumping jacks, chin ups and a bunch of stuff I don’t even know names for and I admit, I was more than a little intimidated, but the instructor was really nice and we just went at my pace. Even with a gym membership, the boxfit classes are an extra fee.
I signed up for a Running Clinic (Learn to Run) starting March 9th with blogger Leigh from Poonapalooza and we are going to do  “The Chocolate Race” in Port Dalhousie as well as the Hazel 5k in Mississauga as the clinic’s graduation race. For someone who’s never run and hates exercise– Leigh is jumping in with both feet and not looking back. Way to go!
I spent a lot of time sorting through clothes, both mine and the boys’ and packing up stuff that doesn’t fit or isn’t worn anymore. I need to go through my shoes, I have about 50 pairs but I only wear about 10 on a regular basis, there’s no need to keep that many pairs of shoes…is there? Maybe? I am so bad about parting with my shoes! It’s not like I grow out of them!!! Anyway, it felt good to be a little more organized and have a little more space in my closet and for my (teeny, tiny, itsy bitsy) bedroom to be less cluttered.


  1. Thanks for the props:) Congrats on all your great accomplishments this week:)

  2. SOunds like you have a busy week ahead of you. I am sure Weigh in Wednesday will be a good one. I need to be more like you and plan my meals for the week. I do not know why I have such commitment issues. :-)

  3. I just caught up with your blog posts since before Christmas. I'm glad you're doing well and your lunches for the week sound delicious!

  4. So glad you thought the boxfit class was fun! Are you planning on joining? I totally understand that extra fees aren't that enticing.. I may have to forgo my boxing membership this month as it is fairly expensive if it's something I don't use that often. I'm going to have to judge off how often I go this week. Sounds like you're doing really well so keep it up :) We got a champion over here xx

    - DS

  5. I'd like to try boxfit class too, i'm going to have to look into if my gym has something similar :D

    Keep it up!

  6. A run in? I love it! Are you doing Weight Watchers Point Plus? If you are, how do you like it? I've considered rejoining just for the weekly accountability. As part of my inability to motivate to do anything at all, I haven't made the plunge. I've heard such mixed reviews. How's it going for you?

    1. Crys!!!!!!! Sent you an email the addy on your profile of your blog. Want a link to your blog? Just in case you forgot where it is.....? :p

  7. Busy, busy, busy...love how active you are being!

    Great work on planning the lunches for work.

    It feels great to be organized and get rid of stuff...at least I think so. I have four pairs of shoes and one pair of boots. That is it...but I am a minimalist. :)