Feb 27, 2012

Eat at Your Goal Weight Challenge (EAYGWC) - Day One Epic Fail

Feb 27 2012 - Day 1 EAYGWC

Today is day one and I logged all my eats in My Fitness Pal.

Rules of the challenge for me:
1540 calories per day based on my goal weight of 140 - logged into My Fitness Pal account
120 ounces of water

My final reason for joining was that it's for 4 months and if nothing else, it will keep me focused on tracking and logging my food for that amount of time and being mindful of how much I'm eating as well as keep me focused on my carb intake.

The prize is kinda nifty too and that would be icing on the cake - I mean peanut butter on the celery stick ;)

In true, nothing ever goes to plan in Enz's world fashion,  today is an odd eating day for me and not at all typical - which if you could see my MFP account, you would see - I decided to take a vacation day to take care of a bunch of personal stuff that's been sitting on my To Do list for a few weeks.

First thing, I had to go get fasting bloodwork done. The last time I fasted for a medical test, I was extremely ill all day. Guess what? Same thing happened today. So although I did log what I ate, let's just say it didn't stay with me.

I finished the rest of my stuff - car stuff, Costco run, laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, sorting my closet and some books and then had a 2 hour nap.

Thankfully the boys were happy with leftovers from last night for dinner so I didn't have to face cooking.

I'm just having a cup of tea, going to make the boys' lunches and then going to bed early. I do not want this to turn into a GERD attack lasting a week again like last time and I'm not going to force myself to eat again today.

So of the 1540 calories I am allowed, I logged 531 calories. Not usual and not a good way to start a new challenge - but I'm sure the rest of the week will be normal. Normal for me Mon-Fri is about 1200 calories and a bit higher on the weekends as thats when I tend to use my Weekly WW points. Oh yes, still counting points as well and being mindful of carbs. It's not as complicated as it sounds.

I got in about  100 oz of fluids and I'm calling it done for today. See this is why I don't like challenges like this, I start to feel like I need to defend myself or make excuses and I don't - no one is making me feel that way but me! Anyway - like I said, not a good day - onward and downward tomorrow.


  1. Why was it a bad day (in your opinion)? Because you were sick and didn't eat enough?

  2. Hey G!
    Undereating is just as bad as overeating for someone with metabolic disorders (thyroid, diabetes, insulin resistance, PCOS etc.). Sick metabolisms needs a steady, consistent supply of good fuel. Not hit and miss.
    Today will be a better day!!!
    Hope you are feeling better as well.

  3. YEP - under-eating makes sense - till you try it and do it! Then all of a sudden it's not so grand. There's so much more to losing weight....or else we would just fast for a few days and be done with it!

  4. Ah, undereating isn't good either.. But tomorrow is a new day etc. :)

  5. well... you definitely made it below your goal calories. That water intake though... You're gonna have to up the ante if you wanna get that prize! :) I nearly drowned yesterday drinking my 160oz of water! heh.

  6. @Nanette, I think Allen gave me the wrong amount for water, he gave me 120 oz and I think it's supposed to be 101, but I'll go with it for this week, he'll readjust by next week's weigh in I'm sure!

  7. what program do you use to count your calories? I have been watching this a little with WW points as well.