Feb 4, 2012

Spring Chick Challenge–Week 5 Update



What a cute badge! Thanks Stormy!

My 5 week total loss is 7 lbs. I am back on the path to Onederland and this time I need to find the formula to keep me below that 200 number and keep going down. I’m working on a plan in my head, not quite ready to share though.

Week 4/5 – Had a bit of setback with my eye injury in both exercising and food but the worst is over and I am back on track and going full strength. I managed to be caffeine free for 14 days and had limited sugar to once a week, but now I am starting my count over as the last three days have been very much off plan and off track.

My next eye check up is on Monday and if all goes well, and the contact lens bandage is removed, I have a cross fit class at 6:15 that night – a kettle bell class! I am a bit scared but at the same time, am looking forward to something new. Once my eye has healed I will be back to running and my Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun schedule of exercise like I planned last week.

At the start of the challenge I was aiming for 1lb a week so I am a bit ahead of schedule, but not getting cocky as I know my pattern of weight loss. I would love to be back under 200 by the end of the challenge…that’s my goal and I’m working towards it.

Best moment so far was running those 30 min last week after so long of not being able to. I don’t think there’s been a “worst moment” yet. I’m trudging along. There have been lots of great moments, meeting Leigh, signing up for two more races,  the boxfit class, the smallest size in my favourite plus size store (Avenue) being too big, being  called Skinny Minny by a coworker (who is a real skinny minny herself)….realising I can live without sugar and caffeine every day!

So this week ahead I’m focusing on getting back to exercising, tightening up my food choices and generally working on getting as healthy as I can. Stuff is gonna happen, stuff I can’t control – it’s what I choose to do NEXT that is important.

Would love a buddy!!!! I am always available by text/email or MSN messenger because they are on my iPhone but any other kind of chat is iffy because I am not on my laptop much anymore and my evenings are usually full of domesticity or trying to fit in exercise or sleep! So Stormy if you’re coordinating, I’d be glad to send you my contact info, just let me know!

Hope you all have a great week 6.


  1. I am so glad that you are doing well...especially with the eye situation. 2012 is a great years and it is only going to get better. I will be in touch with the buddy info. :-)

  2. Awwwww, meeting you has been a great moment for me too:)

  3. Great job on the loss and the planning for the future! Hope that eye is mending well and you get to do things how you want to again;-)

  4. Great job Enz! You really are fantastic. I'm so glad to hear about your success and that (hopefully) your eye will be much better soon. Again, really excited to hear you're trying crossfit.. Kettlebells are our friends! I bet you'll have a blast. And great run as well! Keep it up girly, you are an inspiration xx

  5. Glad your eye is improving and I hope your appointment tomorrow goes well.

    You are really rocking your challenge!!! Have fun with the kettlebells!

    Here is the link to the "bread" stick recipe.


  6. You are doing great and making healthy habits stick. Hope all goes well with your eye appointment. You sound very positive, so I do believe you will be in Onderland as planned!

  7. You are doing so great Enz! Makes me really happy for you! Glad to hear your eye is healing too!

  8. You're doing great. Your work ethic for exercise and staying on plan with food is so inpsiring!

  9. Congratulations on the loss! I love your best moment. That's superb!