Apr 7, 2012

EAYGWC and Weekly Update

I had a really good week. Stayed within my calories, drank all my fluid, did the Running Room Clinic 3x, 1 extra run with Leigh, 1 extra run by myself and 60 minutes of Yoga and I walk every day at lunch for half an hour – the walk calories I don’t even count. The other exercise calories I do track in MFP but I don’t eat them.

Total loss this week……0.1 lb. Total for the challenge, 5.0 lbs.

After years of this I know the scale doesn’t always follow the lifestyle immediately but I was disappointed. I know it will catch up next week. I work really hard to lose 1 lb a week and when I don’t, it feels like the Universe is kicking me in the teeth.  The good thing is, I’m still alive and kicking, I can still keep working at chipping away this fat and there’s nothing holding me back.

Plan for this week is to keep doing what I’m doing.

Stay within my calories and points, drink all my fluids and exercise at least 4 times.

I have a long weekend getaway coming up in May and I know I won’t get much (if any) running in those 4 days so I’m trying to make as much headway as I can in endurance before I go. The run on Friday night felt really good, we did our first set of 4/1 (4 times) and although I always find the first set to be difficult, until my legs warm up, the run was actually good. Breathing was good, feet were good, legs were pumping – it was awesome.

Tomorrow morning we meet again and then Monday night, Wednesday night and Friday night. Saturday is Yoga and I will probably run on my own either Thursday night or Saturday as well. Tomorrow I am hiking or running with my sister while Easter dinner is in the oven. Its easy to be so active when the weather is so nice and when I have good company!


  1. It's so hard not to be disappointed when you don't see the results you want on the scale. I'm glad you've got a plan to stay active and keep plugging on.

    The weather improving has been inspirational. It sorta inspired the running thing. I just want to work out outside! :)

  2. Never mind. A new week. We all keep blodding along lol!

  3. How do you like yoga? I just started it a couple months ago and I find it very relaxing. I wish I would have started it sooner rather than later.

  4. Mm, I know how that feels. I try to tell myself that "at least I'm fitter now than at the beginning of the week"! Sucks though!

  5. Got to love the good weather! The scale is only one tool...right? Its a big puzzle and I think you have a lot of the pieces, and they are together!

  6. Great job on moving your body!!!

    Good luck with your goals this week...you can do it!