Oct 2, 2010


Hello everyone!

I didn't blog yesterday, (sorry Mel, no good excuse except I was just so tired and wasn't feeling like booting up the laptop...lame I know!), but I am doing well for Syl's challenge....2/2. Yesterday I went for a 20 min walk and today I walked/ran up and down our stairs for 22 minutes.

Eating wise...I did better today. I ate 3 whole meals, real, home cooked meals complete with vegetables!!!  Still need to work on the two snacks but the three meals is a huge improvement over the last few months. Baby steps, right?

I got a lot done today in the apartment as well, organized closets last night and today and unpacked a few more boxes and organized my bedroom a little more. I love my new bedroom. It is so perfect for me :) I have a friend who is a photographer and I love all his photos, I want to get one blown up to 20 x 30 for my living room wall but having such a hard time deciding which one....do I want a nature shot or something more artsy? The apartment is starting to feel like home. It's tiny compared the townhouse but its compact and cozy and easy to keep clean and neat which is a huge stress gone.

No plans for tomorrow, I have to go out to Milton to pick up my oldest from his girlfriend's house and I will go for a walk in the morning.


  1. Great job with the meals! And it sounds like you had a productive day in the apartment. :)

  2. Organizing is a great way to de-clutter the mind!

  3. I vote for the nature shot. I love nature shots. I wish I had a big one to hang over my couch in the living room!

    Feeling organized goes so far doesnt it? You are inspiring me to tackle a few projects I have in mind...