Mar 3, 2009

March 3 - Daily Journal

Wt: 232.6

So..still fighting this sinus cold but definitely feeling better.

I forgot to mention that I picked up a Weight Watchers Point Calculator last week and I am loving it. It makes grocery shopping and recipe picking so easy. I had a spreadsheet in Excel to calculate points and then I used the one on the Weight Watchers Online site - its one of the etools....but this little gem is so much quicker and easier and portable! Love it, love it! It also has a function to track your points for the day - I like it if I am away from my little journal or if I eat something off plan, I can count the points and not forget about them later.

Tomorrow is my "baby's" birthday. He will be 12. I have no idea where the years went, when I look at him I still see a chubby little toddler...reality check. He's 5 feet tall now (same height as me) and a handsome young man. He is not a big sweets kid so every year he asks for a special birthday dinner - this year it will be steak, sushi, garlic shrimp and steak cut fries with orange sorbet for dessert....I went to pick up the groceries tonight and OUCH...not a cheap meal...still cheaper than going out and I know he will enjoy every bite.

Low on the points today - and I've not eaten the pancakes and yogurt that I tracked as "anytime" yet - will have them as a snack before bed since my dinner was so light...but just not hungry today at all, I could barely finish my lunch.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009
1/4 cup(s) unsweetened frozen blueberries 0
Fibre One pancakes - Quick-added food 3
Subtotal 3
1 cup vegetarian chili (homemade) - Quick-added food 1
7 whole grain melba toast rounds - Quick-added food 1
Light Laughing Cow wedge - Quick-added food 1
Subtotal 3
1 cup sweet potato soup - Quick-added food 2
1/2 wedge(s) Light creamy garlic and herb cheese wedges 0.5
7 whole grain melba toast rounds - Quick-added food 1
Subtotal 3.5
4 oz No Sugar Added Chocolate Pudding 1
1/2 cup plain fat free yogurt - Quick-added food 1
Fibre One pancakes - Quick-added food 3
1/4 serving(s) Maple Grove Farms - Sugar Free Syrup - Maple Flavour 0
Subtotal 5
Food POINTS values total used 14.5
Food POINTS values remaining 13.5
No entries for exercise.
Activity POINTS values earned 0
Check off these important items daily:
Milk & Milk Products
Fruit & Vegetables
Healthy Oils

0814 - 9.0
1015 - 12.7
1312 - 6.7
1521 - 9.6
1744 - 7.6
1945 - 8.0

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  1. Happy Birthday to your "little" boy - I know he'll always be your baby no matter how old he gets!