Jun 5, 2009

WW Food Tracker

Well, yesterday was an interesting day!

I started out meeting a friend for coffee after work and then we went to Buffalo to pick up something from Target and then had dinner at Red Robin.....so points were off the chart!

That's ok, I had a nice night out with great friends and I've not done anything like that since well before Den went into the hospital, it was a welcome change of pace and even more so since my friends drove!

Feeling a carb hangover today and definitely bloated from all the sodium, so lots of water on the menu for today.

I am now working downtown right by the lake so yesterday I went for a 15 min walk (baby steps!). I had a million excuses why I couldn't walk - didn't bring the right shoes, didn't have my ipod, it was too hot and on and on, finally, I just went outside and put one foot in front of the other. In summer sandals, rather than walking or running shoes, my feet didn't last long but 15 min is better than 0 minutes..and today I did bring my sneakers so I'll aim for 20-30 min at lunch today.

POINTS® Tracker entries

Thursday, June 04, 2009
1 cup(s) Fiber one honey clusters 3.5
1 cup(s) Skim Milk 2
Subtotal 5.5
1/2 cup(s) cooked pasta 2
1/2 cup(s) canned tomato sauce 0
1/4 cup(s) sugar snap peas 0
1/4 cup(s) cooked sweet green pepper strips 0
2 tsp olive oil 2.5
1 item(s) Chocolate 1
Subtotal 5.5
Red Robin Steak Fries - Quick-added food 9
Red Robin Blackened Chicken - Quick-added food 19
Subtotal 28
Petite Danone - Quick-added food 1
1 cup(s) grapes 1
1 bar(s) Oats & chocolate 2
1 item(s) Banana Nut Muffin 9
1 item(s) Chocolate Chip Plain Muffin 10
Subtotal 23
Food POINTS values total used 62
Food POINTS values remaining 0
10 min walking, leisure 1
Activity POINTS values earned 1
Check off these important items daily:
Milk & Milk Products
Fruit & Vegetables
Healthy Oil
Lean Protein
Whole Grains

Fasting @ 7:07 am - 6.8
10:20 am - 7.8
2:35 pm - 7.3
8:16 pm - 9.9

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