Jun 21, 2009

Little Helpers

Ah...another morning to myself with everyone still asleep.

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!

When the boys (inlcuding Den) get up I'll make pancakes and bacon and lattes for breakfast but for now, I am enjoying the peace and quiet again. It's still overcast and damp - I have never been so sick of rain! Hopefully later will be nice and we can go for a walk.

I was thinking this morning of little things that make this weight loss journey easier. Individually they are not big things, but each one makes the journey a bit easier, and that little bit of easier all adds up.

1. Daily Pill Container
I have so many pills and vitamins I am supposed to take and I always forget to take something. Rarely do I forget everything but somedays it will get to be 5 p.m. and I'll realise I've missed something I'm supposed to take with every meal, or something that should have been taken on an empty stomach. Keeping up with the vitamins and meds truly does make me feel better, this week alone is proof of that and when I feel better, I am more motivated, more energized, sleep better and am just a nicer person all around.

So I finally bought a round pill box, it has a little wedge for each day of the week. I've been filling it up on Sunday nights and putting it in my lunch bag which I always take to work, or leave on the dishwasher at home so its handy and then when I sit down to eat I just grab my little box instead of having to go through the cupboard to find the right bottle. It's a bit old-ladyish, but its working!

2. Carnation Instant Breakfast Mix
For me, this is the difference between having breakfast and not having breakfast. Although this isn't the most nutritious thing I could have for breakfast, it is a good substitute for nothing and I get some milk in as well.

3. Weight Watcher E-Tools
I can track my food and activity. It calculates my points for me or I can add a food using the information from the nutrition label. For about $22 a month, its a good tool for me and I would highly recommend it.

4. Reading Blogs
I find reading others' blogs is more helpful than even writing my own. When I'm tired or feeling disappointed or discouraged, I can always find someone who has someone who has something uplifting to say or who understands and I always feel better.

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