Jun 24, 2009

Mid-Week Wins

It's only Wednesday.

I've been reading some other blogs tonight and there seems to be an overwhelming sense of "it should be Friday" and I have to agree.

Although it is only Wednesday, I've had some great "wins" in this journey this week.

1. My boss bought Timbits and Ice Capps for our office on Monday and I had NO Timbits and a small Ice Capp made with milk and ate one of my pumpkin muffins while everyone chowed down on fat and sugar laden Timbits. I knew I couldn't have just one - it was actually easier to have none.

2. Same day, DeWalt Tools was at our site doing a promotion and ordered pizza for everyone. I had brought my lunch but I haven't learned to say no to pizza yet (my Italian half can hear it calling) so I had two very small slices with cheese and vegetables.

3. I was getting dressed this morning and two pairs of jeans I tried on were too big. Not loose, but silly big, like they didn't even sit at my waist and were falling down. (To clarify, I've only lost about 20 lbs so far but I am definitely losing inches from my waist and hips)

4. I ordered a roasted vegetable sandwich for lunch today and took one half of the bread off and just threw it out! Didn't even miss it.

5. I have been checking my blood sugar regularly, remembering to take all my meds and vitamins. Sounds easy? Not so much when the day gets crazy and time runs away from me.

Today I signed up for the Biggest Loser 15 week challenge. I am so excited to start this. It may be just what I need to keep focused all summer when everyone around me is eating ice cream and sipping on daiquiris!

Summer is here! Over 30C today and should be in the 30s all week. It's about time!!!


  1. in case you don't check back on my comments where I reply....you can get the podcasts on itunes. just search for couch to 5k and there should be some free ones to pick from. way to go on planning to get started...we can do it!

  2. Hey there, I haven't tried the boot camp yet, it starts July 6th. I'm worried that I won't be able to keep up but I figure that because it's free I may as well give it a try. That and the measurements before and after are what is really pushing me ... I want to see a huge difference :)

    I'm worried though that with working all day and then doing boot camp I'll be super exhausted!