Apr 10, 2011

Day 100, New Year





Wentworth: The original wooden steps built in 1903 consisted of 6” to 7 ¼” risers. The stringers rested on cedar posts sunk 4-7’ in the ground. The original staircase had 570 steps. After a rock slide in March 1983 they were replaced with metal steps just east of the position of the original steps and now follow the path of the old East End Incline Railway. They have 498 steps.

That’s what I did today! It’s about a 6 min walk from my apartment building to the top of the stairs..then it’s straight down. Down was not too bad…as long as I didn’t look down or to either side of me and just focused on putting one foot in front of the other.  But when people ran past me and the stairs shook, I did feel a little dizzy so I just went slower until they were well past me. 

Coming up…well I did stop a few times but I had to go back up, it was the quickest way back home! At the top my legs were like jello, I thought for sure I had left them back on the stairs. I rested for 3 minutes then started walking home and once I started walking, the jelliness disappeared.

Someone numbered the steps with a sharpie and there are actually 500 steps..that’s 500 all the way down and 500 all the way back up. And I did it!!!

Between yesterday and today, I should sleep well tonight.


  1. Now that's alot of stairs!
    How great to have the stairs numbered.
    And you doing your thing!
    Very good.

  2. Great job Enz...I may have to attempt those stairs one day...just for fun!

  3. You're incredible! You must be so proud of yourself, I sure would be!

  4. OMG...that is AWESOME. I'd have gotten vertigo or something. You rock!