Apr 11, 2011

Day 101, New Year

I worked for the provincial government for 10 years, ending in 1998 and am now working for a company that although not really government, is governed by the City of Toronto and parts of the Ontario government. I am so bad at office politics. I have zero, zip, nada, zilch patience for the games that go on in bureaucracy. It is making for stressful work life right now, I had forgotten how bad it was when I was with GO and had hoped that with my own maturity and life experience it wouldn’t bother me so much returning to that environment…but it does.

Thankfully with Spring now upon us I’m able to get out of the office at lunch and enjoy the sunshine and have some time to think about something other than work. Today was a beautiful, beautiful day.

Today I walked 2.72 km at lunch and am feeling pretty tired…so it will be an early night for me tonight.

I’m planning to do Week 1, Day 2 of C25K tomorrow night and then enjoying The Biggest Loser.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with my weigh in results. I’m hoping for a new charm to add to my key ring :)


  1. Nice that you can get out at lunch and walk. That will help with the stress. Have a good evening

  2. I think every work place has the same sort of things going on. Good thing you are able to get out and enjoy a nice walk!

  3. Keep walking, jogging off that crap from work!

  4. A good walk - that's the ticket!
    And a charm for sure!
    Onward and downward!
    One stair-step at a time.