May 9, 2011

Day 125 - 129, New Year

I've been fighting a headache all day. I think it's a combination of lack of sleep and eating too many carbs and not eating regularly over the last three days.

My week last week was crazy busy at work and then I went out Thursday night to see Ghost Stories and to a wonderful Italian bistro in downtown Toronto (Terroni) with a friend. We had a great night and laughed so much. He drove me back to my car in Aldershot so I didn't have to wait for the train so that made it a somewhat earlier night, but getting home at 11 p.m. when the alarm goes off at 430 a.m. is still late!! Although the food was delicious that night, it was a lot of processed meat and white pasta and not much protein and fresh vegetables.

Saturday I was up bright and early to go to Buffalo with two other friends and since neither of them drive, that was also a long day - which saw me driving her back to Toronto and then back home arriving home around midnight. A late phone call that I didn't want to deal with, made my night even I ended up sleeping late Sunday morning which totally threw me off my game and left me with a splitting headache. Saturday's meals consisted of eating out all day. And Sunday I just grazed on whatever took my fancy. Today was not much better, but I did make a pot of homemade stew for supper and finally had some meat and vegetables!

I'm rambling, I know.

I downloaded The Dukan Diet for my iPhone. It's basically a low-carb diet and I know that low-carb (as in processed carbs) is the best for my body and my weight loss and when I lose sight of that and start letting processed carbs creep back in - I  not only feel like crap, but my skin looks dry and I get headaches.  I'm going to do the Attack Phase for 7 days to detox from the crappy carbs and then go back to "my" normal eating plan which is very limited processed carbs and lots of non-starchy vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit a day. I don't think I can sustain no pasta, rice, bread, sugar forever, but I can certainly do it for 7 days to get myself back on track.

Weigh in on Wednesday night and I have no idea what to expect. I have found myself obsessing over reaching the 25lb mark which is so dumb because from my all time high weight I am now at almost 40lbs but since joining WW in December, I've been fighting this number for the last month and want to win!  I have to keep reminding myself it's not about a number - its about how I feel, look and how healthy I am.


  1. Here's to a happy, less-crappy detox!
    Hope the headaches go away!

  2. Boo to headaches! Yay to enjoyable times!

    Did you wave from Aldershot GO? I live right around the corner!

    Good luck with the carb detox...hope your head doesn't feel too bad.