Mar 19, 2012

Monday's Info

Calories - 1112
Carbs - 43 grams
Water - 104 oz
Exercise - 53 min - 5.75 km (10/1 - with 5 min warm up) + 20 min leisurely walk at lunch

TIRED! Shower, then prep lunches for tomorrow - then BED.

Niters all!


  1. Hey looks like you are doing great and flirting with crossing a major milestone on hte cale, I'm staying tuned!

  2. Don't be afraid to go lower on carbs - if you can handle it.... just for a week or two... you would be amazed at the difference! You are doing GREAT!
    Only take LC advice from a LC person - just to be sure you are safe with it!
    Did I mention you are doing wonderful?! YAY!

  3. Sorry if that sounded "preachy"...
    I just meant for it to sound PEACHY!

  4. Hi Enz! Hope you're having a good week so far?

  5. 104 oz? That's hardcore!