Mar 26, 2012

Around the Bay–5K (March 25 2012)

Yesterday was the Around the Bay Roadrace, including a 5k Walk/Run. I did the Run with my friends Guenther from My Fat Fight and Melissa. Guenther finished long before us, around 32 minutes. Melissa and I did 10/1s for the course.

There’s a more detailed post on my Events blog. Here’s a few pictures. The official photos aren’t ready yet, I look totally different minutes after the race! I’m hoping Melissa’s husband has one of us crossing the finish line.

1. The course. Gentle downhill for kilometers 1-2, a fairly challenging but small hill, then a gently uphill for the rest of the way. Definitely the most challenging course I’ve done.

2. My time – 45:06 doing 10/1.

3. A blurry pic of Reid Coolsaet coming in first in the 30k event. Go to his website for a wonderful pic of him finishing and his story of the race.

4. Me and Liam after the race.

5. Me and Guenther after the race.

6. The bling.



  1. Yay Enz! So proud of you. I'll be running with you at next year's Around the Bay:)

  2. Thats incredible! I'm so proud of you :) I'll be around to tell you how awesome you are a bit more after the 12th of April. Until then I'll leave you with this to tide you over:

    You never fail to impress me. Your accomplishments are numerous and measurable - the best kind! You are an inspiration to never give up. You are FIT! I think that is a great 5K time, and hopefully one day in the future I can run a race with you! Keep on keepin' on girlie :)

  3. That is fantastic! What a massive accomplishment, I am sooo looking forward to the day when I can do this. You inspire!

  4. What a great story. It sounds like you had an excellent run. You have a lot to be proud of!

    Well done Enz!

  5. Congratulations Enz! You are a real inspiration!

    Keep up the great work!

  6. You know what I think...awesome!