Mar 24, 2012

Weekly Stuff

Not much to report this week. The past two weeks have been emotionally draining and exhausting. I am hoping the coming week will be a little easier.

I didn’t overeat and I managed to get my water in every day but my sleeping was off and I was indulging in way too much caffeine.  I did do the Running Clinic three times a week and also got out to run twice each week on my own.

Grand total for my two weeks of effort – down 0.7 lbs. It does put me at 199.4 so I am celebrating reclaiming this victory and focusing on my next weight goal – 175 lbs.

Tomorrow is the Round the Bay Road Race and I am doing the 5k. I’m hoping to do 10/1 intervals and finish around 42 minutes. This is my first event since I’ve been feeling better, so I’m hoping it will be fun. I am going back to my old shoes – Asics Trebuca Trail Shoes – that are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had even though worn. A new pair are on the way but won’t arrive til late next week, lots of time to break them in before The Chocolate Race in April.

One of my non-scale goals is to eventually be able to order a women’s size medium shirt for these events instead of an XL and having it only just barely fit! The women’s shirt for the 30k race is purple and soooo pretty. Maybe next year?

I’ll post pictures and and update on my Events blog tomorrow.


  1. Wow, you are a runner. Runners impress me, because I just can't master it at all! Keep up the great work.

  2. You are awesome! Way to get back into onederland!

  3. I got so inspired by your posts that I started having accountablility posts of my daily stuff. I think I you when I post them.

  4. Yay! Onederland! You're gonna rock the 5k. I'm thinking of you and will miss you at the run this morning:)

  5. Fantastic! Hope the race goes well today and big congrats on getting into the 100s!! x

  6. Yippee! You are in onederland!!! Congratulations!

    Great day for the race!!! Go Enz!