Sep 12, 2009

Saturday’s Journey

After yesterday’s many, many food indiscretions, I woke up feeling bloated, sick and carb hungover.  The good thing that came out of it is that I am reminded if I put crap in my body, I feel like crap! 


It will be hard to stay on track today with the travelling and eating out – but I can make far better choices.


Then tomorrow I will plan for the week and make sure the rest of the week I eat healthily and within my calorie budget.


I picked up Carnation Instant Shakes for the coming weeks – I know “real” food is the best for breakfast – but when I can’t or won’t do that – these are a good alternative.  I usually turn them in green monsters by adding spinach, and half a banana as well.


One day is not going to ruin 7 months (and 35lbs) of hard work.


  1. Great attitude!

  2. Whoops! That was me... I accidentally hit the anonymous button before the publish one. Sorry!