Apr 17, 2010

Back to Life

Hello everyone,

I feel like I've been on a long trip and just got back and all my friends are doing great things and I'm sitting here scratching my head wondering how I'm going to catch up!

Trust me, it was no Caribbean cruise. The last two weeks have been fraught with allergic reactions, long work hours, family drama and processed carb overload.

I spent yesterday planning and today I am back in the game. I got up before everyone else this morning and headed out for a walk in the cold wind and drizzle that April 17 has decided to give us in the Toronto area. It was very, very cold - this pushed me to walk faster. I was out 32 minutes and did 2.57 km. I'm happy with that considering I haven't walked more than ten minutes at a time in the last two weeks. 

I've meal planned for the week and will be heading out to get groceries shortly - I have some new recipes to try so I will try and post those at some point.

I read The End of Overeating by David Kessler. It was very interesting and enjoyable to read as well.  The book is basically divided into two sections, the first section deals with the food manufacturers in North America and how they engineer food to make it "craveable" and how this affects our brain chemicals and may lead to bingeing and overeating. The second half talks about strategies to cope with this and to break the cycle. The strategies were very similar to Beck's strategies but Kessler is much less preachy and more entertaining. Parts of the first section were a bit repetitive, but it certainly drove his message home: DO NOT EAT OUT!!! if you want to eat healthy and lose weight.

I have to give a big shout out to Tiffany and Ann this week.   Tiffany always keeps me sane and motivates me and gives me encouragement even when I'm being a whiny baby or a whinging idiot - thanks Tiffany!  Ann is a huge inspiration to me, she's had a rough time of it but is a huge success and whenever I start to think my life sucks, I think how much worse she has had it and thank my lucky stars.  She has also given me some great advice this week, based on her own experiences, and a heck of alot encouragement. These two great ladies have given me renewed motivation and hope today. Thank you both!

I also want to give a huge shout out to my bloggy friend, Erin, who did Day 1, Week 1 of the Couch To 5K program this week. I know how daunting it seems to start something like that and to do it alone and I am so thrilled for her that she's taken this step. Way to go Erin!!!

Have a great Saturday everyone, catch you later!


  1. you are back and you are doing everything right! Great job on the walk, we are finally having warm weather and I'm looking so forward to soaking up some sun!

  2. Hey Enz,

    That book is great eh? It really helped me a lot when I read it.

    Well done on getting out for a walk...especially with the weather going nutso again. It is bloody freezing today!


  3. Well glad you are back although you have been such a treasure to keep up with me this past week. Your walking time is awesome - I just did 4k in about 50 minutes -- but I can't walk fast with my foot problem I am just happy to walk - ok I should discuss this on my blog.

    Glad you posted and thanks so much for the encouraging e-mails!!!!

  4. Glad that you're back and back on track. Hope the next weeks will be less stressful for you and you can focus on your health and exercise.

  5. You always have such nice things to say about people.
    You are a kind one!

  6. Hi Enz! Ive been away for the last 2 weeks with similar things going on and Im just not back. I am back on plan too and it sounds to me like you are moving back in the right direction too! Good luck and Ill be back to see what your up to!

  7. Welcome back - you were missed! I hope life settles back down for you.

  8. Thanks for the encouragement on my blog today Enz!

    I preface this by saying I know nothing about this Kessler dude other than what you've told me, but I have to disagree with his DO NOT EAT OUT mantra. Let's face it, eating out is a big part of people's social lives and my thoughts are that striving to totally eliminate it could, in itself, eventually lead to the kind of binging he writes about.

    Just my opinion, not trying to sway you, and I have no doubt that the book has lots of good info.

  9. I thought The End of Overeating was a great book - I wish everyone would read it! I have to say I've hesitated about going to a restaurant since I read it, and I'm definitely more aware of what I order when I do go.