Apr 1, 2010

Let The Weekend Begin!

I have lots of plans for the weekend so I may not post again until my weekly update on Sunday night...so I wish you all a wonderful Easter or a wonderful Spring weekend (or Fall weekend for my Aussie friends!).  OK how about this - have a great couple of days!!!

Friday is a statutory holiday in Ontario and I may just take Monday as a vacation day. The boys have it off from school and although they would rather spend the day with friends than with Mom and Dad, it may be nice to have the extra day as a family.

Tomorrow I am meeting my friend Shelley, and hoping to convince her for a short walk around her neighbourhood - it's about 1 km around her block taking a short path at the lakefront and we may or may not stop into pass by Coldstone Creamery.  I'm also picking up The End of Overeating from her. I'm looking forward to reading it based on all the blogger recommendations I've heard about it.

Saturday I'm meeting Tiffany for a walk at the Oakville waterfront and then Sunday I'm meeting Tina and Sadie for a walk somewhere and then if I take Monday off I'm planning a walk somewhere different - either the Toronto Zoo or the island trails.  The weather is going to be gorgeous and I want to soak up all the Vitamin D I can.  

The last few weeks have been really good for me in all areas of my life - emotional, family, work - and it is really making this weight loss effort seem effortless right now. I'm making the most of it while it lasts.

Look at this from my Nike+ for March. I am so thrilled to see my progress like this. It really motivates me and reminds me that every day is an opportunity to do something towards my healthy and fit goal and nothing is too small.  I actually had two more walks that weren't recorded here because the Nike sensor crapped out on me.

Over 55 km and 5500 calories!

I'm setting weekly goals but I'm also going to set a monthly goal for April.  66 km and 6600 calories, just because it appeals to my love of symmetry :)  Also my longest streak was 5 days in a row, so I'm going to go for 7 days in a row in April.  In case you hadn't guessed,  I am a complete data geek and crunching data makes me happy :)  When I'm happy, I stay motivated and positive - and then good things happen!

Points Eaten26/26 + 20 FP
(lets call this the "cookie incident"
Activity Points Earned3
Moving (goal 420 min) 
Week Total

164 (256 to goal)


  1. Is good to know I'm not the only dada geek amongst us. I have all of the numbers for my Around the World challenge figured out six different ways & I'm always updating them. It makes me feel good & in control of the situation if I know at all times exactly what I have to do.

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend & soak up all of that vitamin D you can. :)

  2. Enjoy your weekend and the gorgeous weather. I asked for a Nike Sensor for my birthday on Monday.

  3. Wow! Way to rock the walks, Enz!

  4. Great job on the walking!!!

    Thanks so much for the supportive comment you left me re: my son and alt ed. It really touched me. I am glad your son is doing well!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Have a nice weekend Enz, you sure have nice plans!

    Great achievement of your goals last month and I'm sure you will reach your April goal too.

  6. LOL, it is a pretty big carton of Whoppers, almost down to the end now though! Have a great weekend! cookie incident haha, good thing you got those flex ponts!

  7. Hope you have a Happy Easter~~~

  8. All the happy wishes Back At 'Cha!