Apr 7, 2010

Come One, Come All

Yes..that means you!!

Dawne, Kimberley, Leanne, Katie, Crystal....and anyone else within driving distance of Toronto.

It's blogger meet up time!!!

Here's the evite, if you'd like to come, even if you want to be tentative (you can confirm later) - feel free to sign up using the evite or send me an email at downwardtrenz AT gmail DOT com and I will send you an evite to respond to.  This way our organizer, Kat, can make sufficient reservations.

Evite Link

Come on......don't ya wanna meet me???? (And the other GTG blogging lovelies - Tiffany, Kerry, Erin, Kat, Kate, Andrea and Allie).

Of course you do - I'm cute as a button in person :)

For those coming from the West, I can fit three people in my car and would love to pick you up from a GO Station and chauffeur you to the event :)

Have you signed up yet? What are you waiting for????


  1. Ahhh this is so exciting! I want to meet you! Thank you for thinking of me!! :)

  2. Sounds like you guys will have fun, that'll be wild meeting up with the real people behind the blogs.

  3. Thanks for the invite, but I don't know if you know...I am afraid of real people.

  4. I can't get the evite to open! I would make the trip to meet the Enz on a downward trenz!

  5. Sob! I wish it were closer and I could meet you all! :o(

  6. West?? so will you make a side trip to Vancouver to pick me up??

    HAVE FUN!!!

  7. Oh, Kimberly - don't be shy to meet real people!
    If I were there I would simply ADORE
    a chance to meet you all in person!
    Enz - I bet you are as cute as the cutest button!