Apr 13, 2010

Wierd and Wired

I've just spent half an hour trying to access my blog...and blogger wouldn't let me, I finally got in, in a round about way. Very wierd.

The last two weeks have been a bit odd. I haven't been walking as regularly, for various reasons (some of them not very good excuses and some legitimate reasons) but am confident I will get my walking groove back because I'm going to take it back.

In terms of eating, I've been doing not so bad overall but have had a few days where I didn't eat enough and a few where I overate - mostly restaurant food and the overeating was because of the way the food was cooked not the portion size...which is just as bad, really.

I think my head is on straight again now.

So who's coming the blogger meetup?

Here are the details as I can't seem to get the &*&^% link to work, no matter what I try.

Host: Toronto GTG Bloggers

Location: Fresh

326 Bloor Street West

Toronto, ON M5S 1W5 Canada

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When: Saturday, May 15, 11:00AM

 Talk to you all later, have a nice evening!


  1. Thanks for those details Enz. I was beginning to think I was a complete failure on the computer since I couldn't get the link to open.

    Okay, I want to come. I'd like to drive to Mississauga and take you up on your "drive" offer to downtown, as I'm a big chicken to drive in the big city, even though that's where I learned to drive.

    Hope things start running normally and on routine again. Get out there and walk girl!

  2. sounds fun! Wish I could join...I've yet to see a blogger meet up in my neck of the woods.

  3. I use Wordpress for blogging but do have problems posting comments on blogger blogs sometimes.

    Have fun at the blogger meeting. As I'm living across the ocean you probably know already I won't be there :)

  4. just wanted to drop by and say thanks for all the emails and checking in, a true bloggie friend you are! I've missed ya, this blog, everything weightloss inspiring around and hopefully I'm back and ready to be on track! So thanks for not forgetting about me when I was out for the count! xoxox

  5. Weather's getting nice for walking, I'm sure you'll get the groove back!

  6. Pity I can't come - I want to go to Canada!
    Everyone else gets to have all the fun.

  7. I've been having some issues to you are not alone! My issues are with the comments section and viewing some blogs, very weird.

    Glad to hear you are doing good Enz, and sooooo jealous of the blogger meet up I would love to be part of that!