Mar 31, 2010

Marching Out

March is over. Time seems to be flying. I always find January to June goes by so quickly and then the rest of the year goes slower.

Another beautiful day by the lake of my favourite city (Toronto) and I saw lots of swans on the lake today. The boardwalk was much more crowded and as the weather gets nicer it will become more and more crowded - it may be time to start looking for another route next week.

One more day until the long weekend and I have gone from having no plans to suddenly fully booked - but in a good way. Family and friends and nice weather - what more could I ask for?


Points Eaten26/26 + 10 FP
Activity Points Earned3
Moving (goal 420 min) 
Week Total

123 (297 to goal)


  1. Oh, I love it when the swans are on the lake... especially in the spring. :)

  2. Yeah I can't believe I have been writing my blog 3 months already, barely seems like 3 weeks. Good job sticking to the WW points.

  3. These first 3 months really flew by. Normally I find January through March passing by slow but not this year.

    Have a great Eastern weekend, I'm looking forward to a long weekend too.