Feb 11, 2009

Feb 11 - Daily Journal

Wt: 237.2

Points: 16

Today was a good day. I was busy at work (my temp gig) and the day flew by. I'm still worried about my blood sugar - especially my fasting blood sugar - I can't seem to get it in the right range, no matter what I do. The slightest amount of carbs (meaning bread, pasta, rice, sugar) seems to send it up over 10 even if the carbs are eaten with protein. I think the medication I am taking (Glumetza) isn't as effective as Metformin that I used to take. The problem with Metformin is that it upsets my stomach so much and the Glumetza is an extended release version that is so much easier on my stomach, but doesn't seem to manage my blood sugar as well..I really don't want to go back to Metformin, but if I can't get it under control by diet then I don't think I'll have much choice. I see my endo on May 27th, so until then I'll just keep working on it.

Grilled zucchini is my new favourite food!

Breakfast: 2.5
1/4 cup stone cut oatmeal made with water
1 tbsp no sugar syrup

Snack: 1 point
100g Astro Zero yogurt

Lunch: 5 points
1 egg
1 small pita
1 tbsp low fat mayo
1/2 cup strawberries

Snack: 1 point
100g Kozy Shack NSA Chocolate pudding

Snack: 1 point
grilled zucchini
1 Laughing Cow cheese

Dinner: 4.5 points
3.5 oz grilled haddock
grilled zucchini and red pepper
1/4 cup pasta
1 Laughing Cow cheese

Snack: 2 points
1 cup low fat milk

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