Feb 8, 2009

Feb 8 - Daily Journal

Wt: 241.8
Today is my "official" weigh-in and I'm down 8.2lbs in three weeks.
(3lbs over from yesterday - major water retention because of the high salt I think and I hope a temporary gain)

Points today: 18.5

I did alot better today, right back on track. I also went to Panera again today for my bookcrossing meetup but I was determined not to eat anything from there. There is very little on their menu that isn't high in points. So...I had a coffee and ordered a small skim milk and stirred in my Carnation instant drink pkg and sipped on it out of a coffee mug. So I was really proud of myself. Then I came home and made a grilled veggie sandwich...delicious.

The roast vegetable soup I made the other day is wonderful. It came out very thick, almost tomato paste consistency when I pureed the vegetables by themselves. I put the puree into jars and put some in the fridge and some in the freezer. I tried it first with chicken stock and it was sooo salty - I think because the eggplant is salty to begin with and even though the chicken stock was low sodium, I found the soup too salty for my taste. The second time I just used boiling water and then heated it all through on the stove for about 10 minutes and it turned out fine. I really enjoyed it.

I know that cooked tomatoes and onions are counted as points but are zero points when raw. To be honest, I don't bother counting these points because I didn't get to 250lbs by eating onions and tomatoes...and secondly, it's just too much trouble to weigh and measure onions and tomatoes when I eat them so often, both cooked and raw.

Also, look at the amount of food I ate yesterday for 50 points and today for only 19 points! Today I ate alot more food and was satisfied at the end of every meal and I still had a "treat"..without going into craziness. The brownies are from a G.I. Diet Clinic recipe and use black beans. They are very moist and yummy and oh so chocolately. Even the boys like them. Today Iain wanted to lick the bowl after I filled the pan - he has no idea what their main ingredient is and I'm not going to tell him! I think they taste best just out of the oven, still gooey and hot or very cold, after chilling in the fridge for a few hours. At room temperature the texture isn't as good and they have a bit of an aftertaste, that totally isn't there either hot or very cold. 1/16th of the recipe is 2 points and its a decent size brownie, 2 x 2 (ish) and about 3/4 inch thick.

On my trip to Super Walmart in Buffalo yesterday, I found sugar free hot fudge topping - I had no idea such a thing existed. For two tablespoons it's only 2 points!! And 1 tablespoon is plenty to top a small brownie.

Breakfast: 4 points
High protein pancakes
Sugar free "maple" syrup
Coffee with cream

Lunch: 3 points
1 pkg Carnation breakfast drink (NSA)
1 cup skim milk

Snack: 3.5 points
1 small pita
Grilled zucchini, tomato and peppers
2 Laughing Cow cheese triangles

Dinner: 4 points
Roasted vegetable soup
7 small melba toast rounds
2 Laughing Cow cheese triangles

Snack: 4 points
1 homemade brownie
1 tbsp sugar free hot fudge topping

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