Oct 4, 2009

Carb Hangover on the Way

Just got back from a friend's house for dinner. I ate way, way too many carbs. I know I will have a carb hangover in the morning. I knew as I was eating it I would have a carb hangover in the morning, but that didn't stop me.  I didn't so much overeat as I did just not eat balanced and nowhere near enough protein.  But there wasn't alot of options so I just ate what was there. 

To make matters worse, I forgot my diabetes meds that I take with meals, at home. So my blood sugar is really high right now. I know it will come down - I'm not concerned about that - I just feel like crap and I know tomorrow is going to be a rough day and when I feel "rough", I have a really hard time making good choices around food or exercise.  So this is my note to myself for tomorrow.

"Drink lots of water.  Go for a walk at lunch time. Eat clean, whole foods all day. Eat lots of protein.  And you WILL feel better."

Ok....now to remind myself to read this in the morning and I will be all set!!!

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