Oct 25, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Today was a very, very lazy day. I went over to a freind's house for a girls' get together and basically did NOTHING all day. I chatted, ate, read - repeat for 7 hours!  These are a great group of women that I met through various avenues and within the group there are some of us that are closer than others or known each other longer, but when we come together it is just so "easy". 

The rest of them are into knitting so it was actually a "knitting get together" but since I don't knit, I was the official do nothing-er for the day :)

Lots of good eats - veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, cupcakes, Bits'n'Bites, pizza, nuts/trail mix and I made a vegetable chili.  I had a few bites of everything and 2 cupcakes with some Coke Zero and two cups of coffee.  I have no idea in terms of portion sizes/points that I ate, but I didn't over eat and I had the chili as a meal and the rest was just snacking throughout the day.  Probably high in calories because of the type of food it all was - but I didn't stuff myself or feel uncomfortable which is a success in my books.

One of the women there, I'll call her J, had a lapband put in, in December of last year. I haven't seen her since February. In February she had lost about 40 lbs but when I saw her today, it was clear she has gained those 40lbs and then some, back.  I feel very badly for her, I know she was hoping to be at goal by Christmas of this year. 

I had seriously considered gastric bypass surgery last year and even had left it open - I'm still on the waiting list - but I have pretty much decided I don't want to do it.  There was a variety of reasons for exploring the surgery and a variety of reasons for my ultimate decision. I have nothing against it, I think for some people, it is the only chance to lose weight to save their life. The fact that I am on the waiting list shows you how serious I was about it at one point. I won't make my final decision until my turn comes up - probably sometime Spring/Summer 2010.  Hopefully by that time my BMI will be too low to be eligible for the surgery.

I don't know why J's lapband hasn't been as successful for her as she thought it would be. I didn't ask and she didn't mention it, I am sure at some point she will be ready to talk about it and it will be intersting to hear her thoughts on it.

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  1. It is so sad that some people have to have surgery and for some people it is probably the answer.
    For me I just couldn't do it, I hate going to the doctors for regular things so you certainly wouldn't get me in there for surgery if it absolutely wasn't the last option.
    Either in my ww magazine or it may have been online I was reading a after article of a woman who was at goal and she said her friend got her to join ww and than her friend quit, had bypass, and died from complications and that pushed her to reach goal, how sad is that?