Oct 11, 2009


Long time no blog!!

I am thankful for so many things today.  My family, my friends, the country I live in, how fortunate I am to be working and healthy enough to work, my love of reading, my amazing turkey-cooking abilities :)  All my blogging supporters!

I'm doing ok. 

I've been pretty good with my treadmill/walking - haven't done it every day but have done it most days and have been pretty consistent.  This past week has been a food/eating disaster, I can't seem to get out of the carb cycle. I went to visit a friend this morning and although I love her to death, she sometimes has really bad eating habits and when I'm with her I just get caught up in it and eat things I would never eat  usually. I know its ok to have treats and decadent foods now and again, but my mindset since the beginning of this year is if I'm going to have something "not good for me", it's going  to be something amazing that I love - not just empty calories and not just because its sitting in front of me and I can't say no. 

Well, today that went out the window, actually this whole week it has been out the window.  Every night I say I am going to do better the next day and then...I don't.  This cycle has to stop.  So..tomorrow is a new day, Thanksgiving dinner (although that is probably the healthiest, most balanced meal I've had all week) is over.  There is no reason to eat crap when the fridge is full of healthy and easy to eat food. I'll let you know how I make out tomorrow. I just need one good day to break the cycle and detox the carbs - seriously - just one day - why can't I do it?

I still don't have a scale and that is now worrying me a bit as I have no idea where my weight is and after a disasterous week I know I need to buckle down else I will soon have gained back 37 lbs and it comes back much faster than it goes off!!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful Fall day in the GTA so I am planning a long walk away from food!

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  1. Hi, Enz! Glad to hear from you again! Move forward from the poor eating week; this doesn't need to be a fail. Just get your game face back on and do it, girl! We all know you can!