Oct 4, 2009

Day 13/14/15

Happy Sunday!

Thanks to all of you who left me comments or emails about yesterday's post. It means alot to know that you guys are out there cheering me on, no matter what. 

I didn't mean to leave the impression that I can't do any exercise at all.  I can do lots of exercise, just nothing that will put added pressure/force on my knees til I lose another 50lbs or so.  I love walking / hiking - nothing is stopping me from doing that. I also love Aquafit, which is great for sore joints/muscles.  I was just disappointed because I was trying so hard to do MORE, to run, to do The Shred and other high impact workouts. But workouts don't need to be high impact to be effective.

The first time  I lost 80lbs I did it with WW and walking. Just walking. I didn't do any other exercise until after I'd lost 80lbs.  I walked every day 45 minutes without fail, regardless of the weather or how I felt. Every day for 9 months.  I was lean and fit.

Anyway - that's my plan. Walk as much as I can. Look into aquafit in my neighbourhood and learning how to swim. That's tonight's project.

In light of this, I've had to edit my 40 day challenge goals. Today is Day 15 – time flies! I have 25 days left til my birthday and to meet my goal of 199 lbs. Not having a scale is a bit scary as I have no idea where I am. In trying to reach a goal of losing approx 15lbs , a pound either side seems like a lot.  I’m trying not to stress about the scale – I was earlier in the week. I was frantic to get one!  I think I’m more ok with it today but I can’t see not having one permanently and I am not going to wait until October 30 to check my weight!


40 Day Challenge Scorecard

5 Keys

Where am I?

Track everything


Walk 45 min everyday


Limit High Glycemic Foods


Blog Every Day


Water, Water, Water


Shred everyday



  1. Brilliant! You sound so positive and I am glad about that. Good luck for meeting that birthday goal, whatever you achieve it will be an improvement in health for you, so go for it!

  2. Good for you for simply reevaluating and getting to it!

    Ha! The word verification is 'muncha'!