Oct 15, 2009

Recipe Review: Hungry Girl Crazy-Good Carrot-Cake Pancakes


Recipe from Hungry Girl Website (the recipe is second on the page, scroll down a bit!)

I subscribe the Hungry Girl daily email and usually take a quick glance at the recipes but not much catches my eye. Sometimes I’ll get inspiration from the recipes to make something similar.  The problem I have with her recipes is that she uses alot of prepackaged/processed “stuff”.  As I’m trying to eat healthier and cleaner, it seems counterproductive to use processed food to cut calories.  I have to admit that some of her desserts are amazingly delicious, quick and easy to make – and are great for a “girls’ get together” when you want the decadence but not the calories!

Anyway, I love pumpkin and I love carrot cake so when I saw this recipe today – I knew I was having it for dinner.  By some stroke of karmic cooking luck, I had some leftover pumpkin puree and leftover pineapple in my fridge – if I hadn’t, I’m not sure I would have bought cans just to make these – although – if I did, I could easily eat them every night – they were that good!!!

At 5 points for the entire recipe, this was two huge pancakes – very dense and filling. I found the glaze to be a little too sweet for my liking and I think next time I’d cut back on the sugar a bit – and it was a bit thick – so I thinned it out with some hot water…but it was plenty of glaze for just two pancakes.

I’m a little leery of how these will affect my blood sugar, but I’ll know in a couple of hours when I check (and I’ll post back and let you know), although they are not really high in sugar – they are high in carbs. 56 carbs in one meal is alot!

Did I mention they were delicious? In every bite I could taste raisin, pumpkin, cinnamon, carrot and the pineapple….and the glaze was just like cream cheese icing.  With a slice of bacon to round my plate – this was a great dinner.

Update:  2 hours after eating the pancakes for dinner my blood sugar was 8.6.  For me, after meals my optimal range is 7.0-9.0 so this was a pretty good meal.


  1. Yum! Those sound delish. I think they'll be going on the agenda for this weekend!

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Thanks for the review and the recipe!!!!

  3. im not sure im a big fan of pumpkin but i love the idea of these with the carrot and pineapple... i may just have to give it a try cuz they look yummy!