Oct 1, 2009

Day 12/40


No scale yet. Today I read alot of blogs about non scale victories, so I decided I would make that my theme too. The last few weeks I’ve noticed quite a few. In no particular order :


  1. My rings are very, very loose. Sometimes they will slide to my first knuckle and I have to “catch” them before they do fall off.
  2. The size 18 jeans I bought in July are very baggy, even right out of the dryer.
  3. All my sweaters are longer because they don’t have to go over my previous pregnant-like belly anymore.
  4. All my underwear is too big, top and bottom.  Today, my panties were falling down inside my too big jeans. Not comfortable, believe me!!!
  5. My blood sugar has been averaging (including fasting and post-meal) at 7.1. This is within the optimal range for Type II diabetes.
  6. I can walk farther and faster than I could a few months ago.
  7. I can carry laundry up two flights of stairs and not get winded.
  8. I sleep much better and longer than I used to.
  9. The 3-way jacket I was given when I started with Aecon (Women’s 2XL) now fits easily over a bulky hoody.  When I first got it, I couldn’t even zip it up.
  10. My waist has gone from 44 inches (January 31) to 37 inches as of today.
  11. My BMI has gone from 47.6 to 41.6 (as of my last weigh in at 213.2 lbs).

This is a neat little tool from prevention.com. It shows what you look like now and what you may look like at another weight. Of course, it doesn’t really take into account body type and fat/muscle distribution, but it is kinda fun.  Strangely enough the one on the right (at 244 lbs) really does look like how I started out. (I uploaded my face but didn’t do a good job of the cutting/pasting).  In the second picture at 145 lbs – I look exactly like my younger sister – wow!  Now if it could only make me taller too!!!!

Have fun with it and post your before and after!


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40 Day Challenge Scorecard

5 Keys Where am I?
Track everything 11/12
30 Day Shred 6/12
Limit High Glycemic Foods 8/12
Blog Every Day 12/12
Water, Water, Water 10/12


  1. Those are some pretty remarkable NSV's. Very inspiring.

    Thanks for your comment. I'll actually know tomorrow afternoon when I'll be in Oakville next. Probably in the next 4 weeks or so. I'll let you know and we should definitely get together.

  2. Awesome NSV's! I just started noticing the longer shirts thing myself.

  3. YAY! Those are all really awesome. I am so proud of you, you are doing amazing! I can't wait to keep following you until you reach your goal. My weight loss journey is on hold due to the pregnancy, although honestly I've been so sick I've lost more in the last 3 weeks than I did in the 6 weeks before that. Great job!