Jul 20, 2009

15 Week Challenge - Week 4 - Goal Setting

I think Amy can read my mind! This is another challenge is that is exactly what I was doing anyway.

Over the weekend I had set some goals for myself and revised some others.

Short Term

My first short term goal was to lose 10% of my Weight Watchers starting weight, which was 25lbs. I achieved this last Friday. My reward for that goal was to buy myself a portable dvd player so I could watch Lost while on the treadmill. It's so cute :)

Yesterday I set a goal to walk 100 miles by my 42nd birthday on October 30th this year. I have set up a ticker at the the top of my blog page to keep track of my progress. I'm at 7.03 miles right now. When I reach that goal I will reward myself with an I-Pod. Not sure which yet, but I've got a few months to investigate.

My other "birthday" goal is to be in Onederland. 199lbs or less by October 30! That's 22.2lbs in about 14 weeks, it's ambitious, but not impossible! I've set up a spreadsheet to keep track of that. Here's the link: Halloween Knockouts

I also joined a group on the Canadian WW site to help me stay motivated, called "Halloween Knockouts".

We check in daily and encourage and support each other. We've all set individual goals for October 31st (I've just revised mine to be October 30).

Another short term goal is to start the Couch to 5K program. I had wanted to start last week but decided I should start with walking and get a little more in shape first. I definitely want to start that before the end of August. When I complete that program, I will give myself some new workout clothes as right now I just wear old sweat pants and an old teeshirt. I've downloaded podcasts to use while I'm doing it.

Go Figure - Fitness Clothes for Women, size 10 and up

Couch to 5K Running Program

Once I've reached these goals by October 30, I'll set new ones :)

Long Term

Right now I have two long term goals. Of course my weight loss goal is one. I originally set my goal weight at 135. I'm 5'0 tall so that falls at the top of my "healthy range" according to the standard charts. However, I've never been tiny. Even at 17 I was 130lbs and was fit, healthy and looked great, wearing a size 6-8. I'm not sure I could get to 135 now I'm in my 40's and stay there. My doctor suggested aiming for 145 right now and seeing how I feel and look when I'm there and if that is easier to maintain to stick there. So...that one may change. Here's my spreadsheet to keep track of that: Final WW Goal

Secondly, I want to get off my diabetes meds. That means eating well and exercising regularly to keep my blood sugar under control. It means being faithful to the program and never slipping up. With no meds, if my blood sugar goes up, its very difficult to get it to come back down, so the key is to keep it low. This won't automatically happen when I reach my goal and it may not happen at all, but it is definitely something I am working towards.

Thanks Amy, I had all this rambling around in different places but putting it all in one place is definitely going to help keep me organized and focused.


  1. Congratulations on achieving your 10% loss! I'm a WW member as well and I know how tough it is to lose weight and keep it off. Your goals are excellent and inspiring! Keep going!

  2. You said:
    "I want to get off my diabetes meds. That means eating well and exercising regularly to keep my blood sugar under control. It means being faithful to the program and never slipping up. .. it is definitely something I am working towards."

    That's a great goal. All drugs have side-effects, so lifestyle changes are really worth the effort. Best wishes.

  3. great goals! I recently started the couch to 5 k I love it! I did a preweek of 90 seconds walking 30 seconds running. I love it! Good luck with the challenge!