Jul 23, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Once again it is raining in Toronto.

Not a light summer drizzle..oh no..a full downpour. I admit the grass and trees and flowers look so pretty when we have lots of rain. But do we need SO much in the only two months of nice weather we get all year? It is unseasonably cool this summer, and I don't mind that, under 25C is fine for me but the rain? I truly am sick of it.

Ok...moving on :)

I really didn't feel like eating breakfast this morning. It is always a challenge for me..but when I am in a hurry even more so. I have two "go to" breakfasts when I don't feel like eating and am in a hurry. The only criteria, is quick, high fibre and high protein to keep my blood sugar balanced until mid morning when I can have a snack. My two "go tos" are Weight Control Oatmeal by Quaker and Nestle's Carnation Instant Breakfast (No Sugar Added). This morning it was oatmeal in banana bread flavour. In other posts, I've said how much I dislike oatmeal and that is so true. But reality is, it's filling, quick and easy.

Lunch was Wendy's. I didn't bring my lovely turkey sandwich I made last night and I still wasn't hungry but knew I had to eat. My coworker, who doesn't drive, asked if I would take her to Wendy's so I did and just ordered my lunch too: grilled chicken sandwich and fries. To my credit and surprise, I threw about a third of the fries out when I realised I STILL wasn't hungry and I didn't need to eat the fries after I'd eaten the sandwich.

From that point on, the day pretty much went downhill, in terms of food and exercise.

When I got home I was (again) absolutely exhausted so I lay down for a bit. (More on this later). When my husband and friend arrived home, we ordered pizza as I just had no energy to cook. I ate two slices and then we went to Coscto where I had an ice cream sundae. Feeling like crap, can barely stand up I'm so tired - but I can eat ice cream?

I tracked everything and since I had so many WP left over, it all fit into the grand scheme of things, but I hate "wasting" points. If I'm going to use that many points, I like to use them for something decadent that I can't have any time, you know?

I'm starting to wonder if this lethargy and fatigue is related to my thyroid or blood sugar levels. The last few weeks have been a brutal cycle of exhaustion and sleep deprivation. My blood sugar has been the lowest EVER since I was diagnosed with diabetes and I'm wondering if I am over medicated now that I have lost some weight and am more active. I know, in the past, when I have lost weight my endo has lowered my thyroid medication as well. Fortunately, I get all my blood work done next week and will see her the week after so maybe I will have some answers - because this is just not a good cycle to be in.

I am off to bed. TGIF tomorrow!!!

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  1. I say good for you for not eating all of the French fries. I realize that you probably wish you hadn't eaten any. But, it still takes will power to not eat them all.

    I laughed about you reading my post title incorrectly. I'm sure you weren't the only one. :)