Jul 18, 2009

Dog Day of Summer

I hope everyone had a nice day.

Tina and I walked along the Burlington Waterfront Trail for 3.5 miles in 1.5 hours worth 5 activity points. Go us!! It was the perfect day, blue sky, sunshine and the lightest cool breeze off the lake. We're going to try and plan something for next weekend too. It is great to have a walking buddy occasionally. The time just flew by and I never would have walked that far on my own.

That stretch of the trail is so beautiful. At one point it goes through an area with cottages on either side, like a little town right on the lake. It reminded me of the settlement that is still on Toronto Island.

Her dog Sadie was adorable. I am not an animal lover but I took to her right away. She was just the right mix of energy and friendliness without knocking me over :)

Eating was pretty good today. Coming home from Burlington, I felt my blood sugar was dropping so I stopped at McD's and got the new Mediterranean Chicken Wrap, I only ate half of it and then I felt better so I threw the rest out - just the half was 3 points.

For dinner we had homemade chicken fingers, sweet potato fries and some grilled zucchini. I have started to grind up Fibre 1 Original cereal and flax seed and mix it with regular breadcrumbs to add a fibre boost to the chicken fingers. No one has noticed yet :) The boys said tonight the chicken was extra crispy and I like the texture better too.

This evening my friend and her husband stopped by to drop off a belated birthday present for Iain and they brought their dog - Lucy. Lucy is just 4 months old and really, really, exuberant. But they had her on a leash and we sat out in front of the house and she just played and gamboled around.

I have never spent so much time with dogs in my life as I did today.

For a snack just now, I microwaved a frozen Dark Chocolate Vita Top with some Smuckers Sugar Free Fudge Topping and then topped it with some Cool Whip Free - 4 points of chocolate yumminess in a bowl. I meant to take a pic but I ate it before I remembered!

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