Jul 15, 2009

Middle of the week.....

Today is a new day. Today I am feeling so much better about everything. It feels like a fresh start.

Yesterday was the “clean eating” day challenge and I totally rocked it. The only thing I missed was coffee (or more likely the caffeine). I drank only water or milk all day. I drank way more water than I normally do when I have a diet pepsi on my desk on all day. I also found that I ate way more protein since I wasn’t eating bread or any other processed carbs. I think it was exactly what I needed to spur my motivation and break my run of “bleh”. It forced me to think about what I was going to eat, it forced me to plan and it forced me to be accountable….all things I had let slide over the last week.

And I feel so amazing today! By the end of yesterday I was feeling tired – most likely caffeine withdrawal – but this morning I woke up before the alarm and jumped right out of bed instead of hitting snooze a couple of times. I made a delicious shake for breakfast and drank it slowly instead of gulping my breakfast the way I usually do.

Hopefully I will be on this streak for a while.

The Wednesday Workout Challenge is to run today. I’m going to do that one! I know I said I would do the last two and then didn’t – I was really overwhelmed by them and although I did do about half of the second one it was still really way above my fitness level. The challenge is go out for 20 minutes and run for part of it. I’ll let you know how I do. I will try and get one of the boys to go with me.

Two more days til my weigh in day and I am pretty sure I am going to hit my 10% goal. Then my next goal is 199 by October 30th. That’s not just a random day that’s my 42nd birthday.

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