Jul 19, 2009

Getting Faster

Today was a pretty lazy day. Sundays usually are, I try and get all the major chores done on Friday night and Saturday so Sunday I can watch the Food Network, read and cook to my heart's content. Today was pretty much like that.

For breakfast I had Arnold's Sandwich Thins with an egg and baked beans. I love baked beans, they are my total comfort food. I ate canned today but I usually make up a big batch following the GI Diet recipe. They are low on the glycemic index and high in fibre and sooo delicious and last in the fridge about a month so I can eat them every few days.

Lunch was some Chapmans Madagascar Frozen Yogurt with fresh strawberries.

Dinner was homemade chicken and vegetable soup with homemade biscuits. Delish!

I checked my blood sugar two hours after dinner before I went on the treadmill and it was 4.8 which is pretty low, especially right before exercise, so I had a Power Flax Muffin that I had baked this morning and then went up to the treadmill.

I beat my last time for a mile by 2:13, it was previously 28:55 and tonight was 26:42. In 30 minutes I got to 1.13 miles. I was sweating so much my shirt was literally drenched. I did a pyramid:

7 minutes at 2 m.p.h.
4 minutes at 2.5 m.p.h.
6 minutes at 3.o m.p.h.
4 minutes at 2.5 m.p.h.
9 minutes at 2 m.p.h.

I hooked up my little portable 8" DVD player that I bought myself for reaching my 10% goal and watched an episode of Lost, I'm on Season 2 so I've got lots of walking ahead of me. I wanted to watch the whole episode but I was really pushing myself to get to 30 minutes, I don't think I could possibly have managed 40. But I will eventually!

I'm off to have a long, hot bubble bath and then watch my last 10 minutes of Lost before I go to bed.

Niters all and have a wonderful Monday.

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